Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No-Go Gummy Glasses

I've seen people pin vodka infused gummy bears on Pinterest. I've seen skittle flavored vodka pinned on Pinterest. I've even seen, and made, ice shot glasses (I don't drink, but I thought that one was well worth a try for lemonade during the summer). Today's submission from Donna was a new one I hadn't ever seen before. Gummy shot glasses. 

The Original Pin

Donna said, "I'm known for making drunken gummy bears for parties.. so I thought I'd go to the next step and make gummy shot glasses! Do a few shots, and eat up the evidence!"
As everything she read suggested using one color of gummies for each shot glass, she decided to make them all the same and bought a large bag of raspberry flavored gummy lobsters (also something else I've never seen, lol). 

Everything seemed to go fine with melting them down, filling the silicone molds, and freezing them.

It looked like it was going to be a win. Then she tried to get the gummy glasses out of the molds. It was a no go! So she decided to leave then out all day to thaw and then enlist her children's help.

She said, "After school, it took my teenager's help to free these from the mold! Pulling and rolling the mold and yelling. Two people! We got the first one out by rolling it out."

The Pinstrosity

"We got the second one almost free when it accidently touched itself and fused! Oops. Third one came out looking something like a gummi shot glass (we dusted the inside with corn starch as we pried it out. Fourth one, in spite of corn starch, fused."

"So now we have one clean looking gummy, two fused blobs and one sort of shot glass thing that will stick to your hand if you touch it. You could coat it in corn starch, but that's kinda gross to then pour a shot
into. And they are super thick! The two least repulsive looking ones were consumed.. sort of. The kids got tired of trying to eat it before they got halfway through. Let me repeat that: the gummy shot glass tired them out trying to eat it."

Donna declares it a "Pin Fail. GCT 4 - The children threw out the gummy material, and the other children passed on the taste test all together. Even if they just popped happily out of the mold, imagine eating a giant fused mass of gummy....". Blech. 

I think I'll just stick to my over-sized bag of gummy bears. Is there anyone else who bites off the heads and then swaps the heads and bodies so you have multi-colored bears? I guess I should ask, is there anyone over the age of 20 who still does that too, lol? Yeah? Oh good. Anyone ever put a gummy bear head on a gummy worm body? It's hilarious. Or I'm just simple. Or both. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! 


  1. You'd have better luck with gelatin than gummy bears I'd wager. I have a mold set like this. My first attempt with knox turned out pretty well, if a little bit floppy.

  2. Oh I still do that sometimes. A couple years ago me and a group of friends did the most ridiculous things with our gummy bears! :)

  3. Is it bad that I think these look slightly like gummy prophylactics?

  4. Don't make the Skittles vodka, it tastes like medicine. I made some at Christmas a few years ago to give as gifts and it was horrible!

  5. I'm 35 and I still swap the gummy head to other bodies, or lick the back and stick it to shirts or back of hand (I'm easliy amused here). I also line them up in color lines and eat as a set (I think I'm a bit OCD).


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