Friday, April 11, 2014

Inside Out N'Thanks

You know those times that you just HAVE to have chocolate/peanut butter/bacon/insert awesome food here? When those cravings hit, we'll do just about anything. That's when I find myself searching my Pinterest boards to find something quick and easy I can throw together. All too often I find something I only have 1/2 the ingredients for, but for some reason my brains says, "This! This is what you must make!" So, I decide to see if I can throw something similar together with what I have in the house. Sometimes it works...sometimes it gets thrown to the crows.

Aimee sent in a submission of a project that fits this scenario. Behold: Inside Out S'Mores:

The Original Pin

Mmmm! So, what do you do when this is what your brain tells you to make, but you only have a cake mix (not a brownie mix), and graham cracker crumbs (rather than whole crackers)? You try it anyway. Obviously it will turn out different, but hopefully a Pin Spin will come out of this!

The Pinstrosity

Doesn't look like the original...but let's dig in...
Aimee said, " I ended up pouring milk in it just to get it to be editable. And YES I ate a piece of it, lol! After all, I would have punched someone in the face for the piece of chocolate in their pocket."

So these substitutions didn't work. Gotta have the brownie mix and whole crackers it looks like. This is completely along the lines of something I'd end up making in an attempt to make a snack out of what I found in the cupboards. For St. Patti's day I wanted to make a green pie, but I didn't have time to run to the store before our friends came, so I had to wing it. I found a box of cheesecake pudding and a box of lime jello and graham cracker crumbs. So I made the crumb crust, and then mixed the two boxes of pudding/jello together with milk (the amount on the pudding box for making a pudding pie with two boxes of pudding) and let it set up. The consistency was a little weird, but it tasted kinda like key lime pie and it did the job of a dessert! Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have on hand! 

So this was perfect for our Use It Up week, even though it wasn't technically a Use It Up submission!

Again, check back at noon for another Use It Up project post!


  1. If you make it with the brownie mix, it works well, and makes a nice and easy dessert.

  2. Off the top of my head, if I was in a situation like that, I might try using some butter to make a crust with the graham crackers (although I'm not so sure about the cake in that). Or maybe do the cake on its own & do a crumble topping on top of it using crumbs, marshmallows and butter.

  3. You can make brownies out of cake mix. Take your cake mix (dry stuff only) and add one stick of melted margarine, one whole egg and two egg yolks. Then add whatever goodies you want to doll up your brownies (I usually add 1/2 c. brown sugar and marshmallows; all you'd have to add would be graham crackers to make smore brownies).


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