Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Use It Up Challenge- Book Box Awesomesauce!!

I am back and ready for some crafty Pinterest action!
Thank you all for your well wishes, for those of you who read H.I.A.P. Day Pinterest Blues post, I will be to the doctor within the next 24 hours to hopefully get the green light to get my tonsils out! Everyone holla for a tonsil and strep free happy and healthy Emilee that will hopefully be coming to you in the next 4 weeks! Whoohoo!
But for now, I am back and feeling MUCH better, I thank you all so much for your wonderful well wishes and support during my rough less than stellar few months.
This is a new and beautiful week :)
Today I have a fun little craft by Serena for our Use-It-Challenge. If you are new here, go read all about it and then try it for yourself, use some of your stache', get creative, have fun!!
Here is Serena's Book Box which is just funky enough that I totally want to five-finger-discount it and have its new home be my house :) You have inspired me Serena!
Here is her handy work!
Use It Up Challenge-Win!
"I hadn't been to the blog recently (I know, for shame on me!) real life intervening and all. But I found myself visiting and lo and behold, a new challenge! I love your idea's and ways you inspire your readers and this is one I can do!!

It is a fabric covered book box. I found the bare bones box at Goodwill. I am a sucker for thrift stores. They have the ugliest stuff!! Its great!
I digress. So, I found this yellow box with these red flowers in this boho pattern. Meh. Like a year ago. For 3 bucks. Shazam, I KNOW. And the inside was the beautiful plum soft velvety material. No damage. GET IN MY CART. And then Joann's had this gorgeous blue velvet remnant. As many of you know, those are 50% off. And if it is on sale (the reg material) then it is 50% off the sale price. And I had a coupon. And I said...this is lovely Whovian material, and its going home with ME.

Stuff has sat in my "closet" for about a year. I hoard stuff in a space in my craft room that will be a great gift when I get motivated. I was gonna, was gonna, was gonnnnnaaaa. And never did. 
Then I read the blog. Your the best. So here we go. "

Box  on hand
Modge Podge  on hand
Scissors  on hand
hot glue  on hand
ribbon  on hand
Straight razor  From husbands supply
Paint  on hand
A drink    your choice, I had a blueberry lemon sprintzer

"Ta freaking DA, peeps! Less then an hour worth of work. Someone is getting an awesome Christmas gift this year. Yeah Buddy.

I like it like this but my friends say I should add police box sign at top. I dunno, we will see.
Serena! We love it! And I know we have some Doctor Who fans who will love it too :)
Happy crafting all! Stay tuned this week for more Use It Up Awesomeness!!


  1. Aww thanks ladies!!! This is why I always come back to you like a moth to a disaster....I love the blog, and the new bloggess. Keep up the great work.

  2. Want. Need. Crave. Desire. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lovely!
    Emilee, get well soon! I've never regretted having mine out.


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