Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Use It Up Life Hacks, Part 1

Alrighty, I have my first two "Use It Up Life Hacks" for you today. #1. When the most important paper in the house runs out, sometimes you just have to substitute what you can find. Good thing I have a large scrapbook paper supply. And, it adds a nice touch to the bathroom. Not the ideal paper, but better than some other alternatives!

#2. Broken shower head? Leave the hose out in the sun for a few hours, trail it inside, and tape it to the wall!

Check back later for more Use It Up Life Hack projects as we try to make today functional. 


  1. Oh, dear, sounds like one heck of a morning at your house.

  2. Lol! Might have to make a roll of emergency TP out of the plethora of wrapping paper I have! ;)

  3. Thank goodness you posted these hack today. They are perfect for the Advent of April Day.


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