Monday, September 30, 2013

Mix It Up Monday

Just a few pins I've found that tickle my funny bone.
Bahahaha, I love this one. I love spins on the trendy photos.
That makes me anxious just looking at the photo.
I'm not a huge fan of the "And not a single #*$@ was given that day" meme...but this one made me laugh.
This one makes me laugh and shudder all at the same time. EWWWWWW!

And if you need a few awesome Halloween costume's some AWESOME ones:

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Show-And-Tell Saturday: Ten Pin Plan Report

If you remember back to the 16th of this month (or look back if you have to), I came up with my 10 Pin Plan. This was a list of 10 pins I was going to test over two weeks and then I'd report to you today on the successes, failures, and in-betweens. I've been working hard to get all the pins done and I'm excited to share the results with you! 

So, in the order that these pins got done, I give you my Ten Pin Report: 

Pin Report #1:
My friend made this recipe way before I did and said that it was so salty that they had to throw it away. It sounded so good from the recipe though that I still wanted to give it a try. So I did. The recipe calls for 1-2 cans of cream of chicken soup. I figured that was where a good amount of the sodium was coming from, so I did half Cream of Chicken and half Cream of Mushroom soup (I don't find Cream of Mushroom to be as salty as Cream of Chicken). I knew that would change up the flavor some, but if it made it so we could eat it, that was fine. I do know that some brands of Cream of Chicken soup have a higher sodium content than others as well, so when you're making this, take that into consideration. Another thing we did, following a tip in the recipe, to cut back on the salt and to thin the sauce/gravy down to a more preferable consistency was to add some milk.
In the end, the flavor was good and it wasn't unedibly salty. You definitely didn't need to add salt, but it wasn't inedible. It reminded us of a mix between the gravy for Hawaiian Haystacks and cheap alfredo sauce. It really wasn't a bad meal at all, just not one of our uber favorites.
I thought about taking a picture, and I probably should have...but really it looked about like the picture (only we had ours on rice, not pasta). It's just a cream sauce with chicken. Another picture would kinda be overkill. That's how it looks. 

Pin Report #2:
Again...I didn't take a photo. Partly...I didn't think to take a before shot, so it doesn't do much good to show you the after shot as you won't know the drastic improvement. But...this works fantastically. It's not uncommon for me to forget a load in the washer and have to rewash it because it went sour. After enough times of doing this, along with the general grime build up, my washer looked and smelled less than pleasant. Not something you want to put clothes in to try and get them clean. Now, my washer smells so nice and fresh, the clothes came out smelling fresher than they have for a while, and it looks so clean and wonderful! This was really easy to do and it's made a difference in my washer and laundry. I'd recommend it!

Pin Report #3
This one I do have pictures for. I decided that I wanted to do the apple pie in the cinnamon roll crust because apples were on sale and it just sounded yummy. I had this pinned to test the crust out anyway. So I followed the directions to put the cinnamon roll style crust together. The directions said you can use pre-made crust, or make your own from scratch, so I turned to my trusty pie crust recipe (it really is simple and really yummy). I did a double batch of pie crust dough for the bottom so I would be sure to have enough and it ended up being perfect. It really was easy to put the crust together, the directions are simple. Here's what my crust looked like after getting it in the pan:

Then, this is the recipe I used for the pie. I'm not normally a huge apple pie fan, but I love this recipe and it's so easy. Cut up the apples, put the lattice top on, and then you make a caramel sauce and pour it through the lattice. SOOOOOoooo yummy and easy. For the lattice top I rolled out the plain dough, then spread some melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar on top. I then smooshed the dough back together gently (because you don't want to mix it too well), and rolled it out again to get a sort of cinnamon/sugar marbled effect going on. Then I cut my lattice strips and put the top on. Here's the pie right before going into the oven:

And here's the finished product!

So we know it looks cool, but what about the taste? Let's just say that I will forever do my apple pie crusts like this now. It's adds such a subtle but yummy yumm yummy flavor to the pie. And I apparently didn't get the bottom crust flattened as thin as I thought so I ended up with a thicker crust (which I LOVE) that is extra yummy to eat because of the cinnamon in it and the pie filling soaked in. This one is WELL worth the time it takes to make it. MMMmmmmmmm.

Pin Report #4

This one was hilarious. I drew the eyebrows on my nephew right before my baby shower started and then let him ham it up during the shower. His facial expressions were hilarious. But anytime I pulled out the camera, I got this face:

My sister and I tried and tried to get a good reaction when I had the camera out and he just wasn't going for it. But it was hilarious just watching him during the baby shower. Here are the 5 best shots I got of him during the day:
So this one is hilarious...but catching the hilarity "on film" may be another issue.

Pin Report #5
I have been waiting since last August to have my hair long enough to pin up, pull up, ponytail, leave down, etc., and finally it is reaching a doable length. But now that it's long enough to put up...I just don't know what to do with it. I've had this hairstyle pinned for a while now. Most half-up, half down do's make me look like I'm 11, but this one looked like a more grown up version of the half up/down do so I thought I'd give it a try. It looked simple enough. After getting the layering and texturizing my thick head of hair needed (thanks Em!), I knew it was time to try this out. From bed head to this do it took me about 20 minutes. That's brushing out my hair, giving it a light curling job, and then following her instructions. Here's what I ended up with this morning:

It really did go up pretty simple. I think I have thicker hair than Kate (the lady from the pin), but I was able to make it work and my layers were just long enough for this. Because I have a ton of hair, I ended up using about 8 bobby pins in the back to hold the hair in place. So the actual assembly of this do was pretty simple and doable. Then I decided I wanted to see how it held up during a day of laundry, dishes and sewing (don't you love the days where you get to play catch up because you've been gone all day every preceding day of the week?). Here's how it looked at 4 pm (6 1/2 hours later):

It's held up remarkable well. I don't know how it'd do out on a super windy or rainy day, but not many hair styles withstand that very well. But, for shopping, social events, church, etc., this would work out great! Yea for a new do!

Pin Report #6
So I've had this pinned to do for forever. I thought it looked genius. I was hoping to just use what I already had at home to keep this cheap. I didn't have placemats, but I did have non-adhesive shelf liner. But when I pulled that out this past week, I realized it wouldn't work. It wasn't smooth top liner, it has built in holes. Like this:

So I could put that down on the shelves, but any liquid or anything would just flow through the holes to the shelf and then I'd have the liner and the shelf to clean. No thanks. Luckily I thought ahead and then measured the shelves before I want to Wally World. My fridge is the normal upright kind with the freezer on top and the fridge on bottom. Which means the shelves in the fridge are wide. Wide enough that they don't make placemats that big. I thought about doing a few placemats side by side, but I imagined them shifting around, spills going in the cracks and under the mats and then stinking. It just wasn't going to cut it. So then I thought about a tablecloth, but to get one that would work well was more than I wanted to spend on fridge mats. So I scrapped this project. I did try, but it just isn't really all that feasible in my fridge. If I had a side-by-side fridge with more narrow shelves, this would work just fine I'm sure. 

Pin Report #7
It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do this, and then I came up with an idea I loved. I have this ceramic "canister" on the kitchen window sill above the sink. We use it to hold our scrub brush. It's handy, but it's not the most beautiful thing:

So I thought I'd paint it with that ceramic paint I used on my mug garden project (update on's going great! One succulent died. That's when I realized I'd forgotten to water them for a while...oops), but the other 3, including the bamboo, are thriving. I got out my light blue and started painting away. After 2 coats of paint, and not enough paint left in the bottle for a third coat, the canister looked like this:

That wasn't going to cut it. I just couldn't get the paint smooth with any kind of brush/sponge, and there wasn't enough paint to give it a thick enough coat that the original color didn't show through. So...that idea had to be scrapped. Luckily that paint washes off super easy before you bake it so I was able to just wash off the blue paint and restore the ceramic back to the gold/brown it originally was. 

But that left me still with an unfinished project, and I was bound and determined to make this one work somehow. I rummaged through my art supplies and found a 5x7 scratchboard that I hadn't used yet and decided that was it. So I got on the computer and played with fonts until I found what I wanted. I ended up with this "picture":

I printed it, covered the back in graphite, taped it to my scratchboard, and used a pencil to trace the letters and transfer the graphite to the scratchboard. Then I scratched away and this is what I ended up with:

I figured since it looks chalkboard-ish I'd put it by the awesome chalkboard piggy Em and Camille got me for my Birthday. And, it's right at the entryway to my kitchen which is where some of my least favorite chores happen (and I carry the laundry through there to get to the utility I'll see it when I do laundry too). Plus, it helps hide our internet box, so that's happy too!

Pin Report #8
I went through my t-shirts, picked out the 5 I wanted to use, and came in eagerly to read the directions before jumping into this project. As the only garment of clothing I've ever made is a simple skirt, I wasn't sure what some of the terms meant and, I'll be honest, I was a little intimidated by the tutorial. So I looked around on Pinterest and found a similar idea that seemed much more along my confidence lines (perhaps doing one of these more simple patterns will give me the confidence to try this romper pattern). 
So, here's the pin that I switched to:
Their instructions were decently easy to follow, just pay attention to the words and the pictures. Here's what I ended up with after about 2 hours of work on it. That includes printing the pattern, cutting the fabric, sewing, a snack break, and running back and forth between the dining room table where my sewing stuff was set up and the living room where the computer is to read the directions. Now that I know how it works I'm sure these'll be super quick and easy to pump out. 

Pin Report #9
Well, I did this. My bathroom doesn't smell lemony at all. It just now smells like vinegar and pee. Maybe I'm missing somewhere else where the pee smell is coming from? I scrubbed the toilet, I got the floor all around the toilet. I got the wall/cabinet by the toilet. And I still just smell pee. Where else could little girls get pee?!

Someone commented on my Mix-It-Up Monday post when I said I was going to do this that "Lemon juice and vinegar are both acids, so soda should fizzle when you mix it with the lemon juice; when the reaction is finished, there is no way for it to re-fizzle when you add more acid." The baking soda did fizzle when I added the lemon juice, but I was able to get it into a pancake batter-esque consistency, so I figured I'd just keep going. I let it sit for the 15 minutes it required, and then sprayed vinegar on it. It did fizzle again when I sprayed the vinegar on, so there was enough soda left in the paste to still do the work with the vinegar. But my bathroom still smells like pee. Either this didn't work or I've got some other pee problem area. Blech. 

Pin Report #10
I'm sure this is the one you've been waiting for. And I saved it for last, bwahahahaha. We had some nasty-gram comments (which we didn't publish because of the profanity content, as the disclaimer in our comment box says) saying we were dumb for thinking that galaxies would show up. I know the galaxies are photoshopped into the picture. But that's part of what we're showing. The directions of the pin do say this though: "it is a drink that is pink in natural light, but glows aqua-marine in black-light." So, the idea of testing this pin was to show that, yes, the galaxies are shopped in, and to see if the color change happens with the pinned caption containing the non-alcoholic drink (someone else will have to test the alcoholic version). 

I mixed up the drink (doing 1/9th of the recipe because it's just the two of us and if it was nasty I didn't want to have gallons of this on hand). So what did we find out? 

The mixed up drink under normal light:
Pretty and delicious looking!

The mixed up drink under a black light:
No galaxies. No aqua-marine glow. 

The taste? Kinda weird. Not one we'll be remaking. 

So I don't know if we need a more powerful or high-tech black light, if it was the non-alcoholic version that just didn't work, or if this never actually works...but it definitely didn't work for us. 

So there you have it! My 10-Pin Report. I actually didn't know if I'd get through all of them, so I'm feeling rather proud of myself right now. It helped that I knew I was going to have to report to you thanks for that pressure! I hope you all have a great final September weekend! Hooray for Fall!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

S'more Pinstrosities Headed Your Way!

We just had a s'mores activity with the girls at church and it got me curious to see what submissions we have that had anything to do with s'mores. There are quite a few! Enough actually that if I put them all in one post, it would take forever to load and look through. So, I decided that I'd do a post with some of the submissions, and then in subsequent weeks I can do s'more. you didn't see that line coming. Just kidding, I'm sure you saw it coming and that you're completely prepared for s'more of my hilariousness. 

Well, I'll leave off the late night humor (I really shouldn't write posts late at night...or maybe I should do s'more of them at night, but then they may be a little loopy) and get to the part of the post that you actually came here to see. 

Original Pin #1:
S'mores Dessert Pizza, with a graham cracker crust. That looks so fun and yummy! 
Brooke tried this pin out and this is what she had to say:
"My roommate and I tried making this delicious looking s'mores pizza. Unfortunately we only had colored marshmallows, no marshmallow fluff (so we tried making our own) and not enough time to let the dough rise. Also, all of the chocolate chips burnt instead of melting. We were super excited to see and eat our bound-to-be-beautiful creation."

Pinstrosity #1:
"No words can describe the horror we felt when we took it out of the oven. We stood in silence just staring numbly at the pan. After like 5 whole minutes of silence we both dropped to the floor laughing like hyenas on nitrous oxide gas. Then we ate it. We ate it all. It was delicious. "

Original Pin #2
Brenna had this to say about her experience: "Looks fantastic doesn't it? I had really high hopes because Christmas is coming around the corner with bonfires and cute nights with the family this would be a great idea right? Well i followed the directions to the dot made sure everything was right even used normal flour, everything to the dot. When it got down to it, the dough became really sticky and not anything like her pictures portrayed. It didn't spread very well and the amount wasn't enough to divide it in half and use for a top layer. My mom and I added more gram crackers to the dough after we had attempted the bottom layer in hopes that it would spread easy. Well it didn't. It barely covered the fluff. The one thing she did write was to microwave the fluff to help it spread and that made it really easy. But the dough was just terrible. We attempted to put some oil on the dough to spread it some which helped with the bottom layer but it just didn't work."

Pinstrosity #2
"Though in the end the tasted wonderful and we will be making them again with some slight improvements. "

Original Pin #3
S'mores cupcakes! Sydnie tells this story:
"So I found this recipe on pinterest.... You know how it goes. Saturday we were having a church pot luck and I wanted to bring something fantastic, so I tried these brownie cupcakes. Let's just say it didn't quite work. I followed the directions, and baked them at 325 for 25 minutes. and this is what I got:"

Pinstrosity #3
"The marshmallow not only bubbled out of the brownie onto the pan, but then completely dissolved into the brownie, leaving me with really hard/chewy brownie muffins. I found someone else's pin and they said that they only baked theirs for 20 minutes. I also think that I maybe should have splurged for a better brownie mix. I was in a hurry and just opted for the super cheap store brand one. In conclusion, I would like to give these a 4 on the GCT fail scale. My husband tried them and said that they tasted good, if you could ignore the hard chewy texture."

And of course, no s'more post would be complete without a s'mores cookie. 

Original Pin #4
Tonight I just had my first peanut butter s'more. It's a regular s'more, only you smear PB on one of the grahams before assembling. It's amazing! Never going back to plain s'mores again. So this cookie sounds absolutely heavenly. Andrea thought so too and gave it a try. 

Pinstrosity #4

"The cookies would have been good had the marshmallows not exploded into a sticky mess, making them impossible to eat! "

Even though these pin tests didn't turn out quite like our submitters hoped, they sure make me want to go and make me s'more marshmallow/graham/chocolate/PB goodness to eat. Maybe I should just get me a glass of milk and then go to bed. But, if you give a pregnant lady of glass of milk, she's liable to just want s'more. Or s'mores. Or watermelon with ranch dressing. 

(just kidding on that last part...thankfully I haven't had any bizarre cravings)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Em's Internet Is Still Out...Boo.

I am losing my mind.
It is darn near impossible to take online college, face to face lecture college (with online homework and research due), and help run a blog without internet at my house.
I know a lot f people do  school and blogs without internet at their house, and I applaud you! This is no small task, and apparently I suck at it.
I started a post the other night when I had finished homework and was about to get kicked out of the lab (they close at 11), and it wouldn't let me do ANYTHING with pictures...I'm sorry :(
I am trying my best with what I have, and as soon as it gets back up we will be good to go. I think I know everyone of the "technicians" that work for my Internet Provider by voice, name, manner, and helpfulness. I'll make a chart and pass on the goods.
Hope everyone is doing well, and props for Marquette stepping up while I'm out!
Happy Hump Day!
Woot woot!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dog Gone It

I've never thought of myself as a picky eater, now or growing up. I say that, but then I do remember a few stand-offs I had with my mom over food that I was too much of a stinker to eat. Some nights I'm sure she wanted to run her forehead across the cheese grater after we fussed about the food she made for us. Thankfully she stuck to her guns and taught us to eat what was placed in front of us and we learned to eat all sorts of food. That went decently well until my youngest brother. There is no making him do anything he doesn't want to. Mom, Dad, and us kids tried everything in all the books to get him to do different things, but if he didn't want to do it that was the end of the story. Mom got pretty creative in trying to disguise food so she could get some nutrition down his sweet but stubborn little throat. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I know my mom can commiserate with Suzanne, the submitter of today's fantastic Pinstrosity. 

Suzanne says, "My son is a picky eater so I found a cute Pinterest idea "dog in a dog" that looked easy." 

The Original Pin:
Roll the dough around the hot dog, shape the appendages. Bake. Looks easy?
"Apparently, dough baking is not as easy as it looks, and you have to be careful to roll the 'legs' and 'ears' perfectly even or it will not look right."

The Pinstrosity:

"My son refused to eat it and said, 'Why is the plane broken?'  When I told him it was supposed to be a doggie, he became upset and felt that I had 'killed' the dog in the oven.  Sigh.  I would have added the eyes and nose but I felt the overall dog body was such a fail that I did not even complete it.  ARGH!  Not even close!!!"

"The directions should have called for making sure that the legs and ears were symmetrical and evenly rolled, and the baker should keep an eye on the dog baking in case the oven does not distribute heat evenly. Rats!"
Mother of a 2.5 year old

So apparently it's a dog eat dog world, but not a kid eat dog world. 

Friday, September 20, 2013


After we post up a Pinstrosity here on the blog, sometimes we never see another submission from that same pin. And then there are the pins that I'm sure we'll always be getting submissions on as long as we're running the blog. These are the classics and they never fail to make me chuckle. These submissions are like watching reruns of Napoleon Dynamite...that movie never gets old and gets more and more funny every time we watch it. So today, I thought I'd give you some of these "reruns" of old Pinstrosity classics and the fresh submissions we've received for them. 

The Original Pin:
Colorful ice balls. Great for lining the walk for a winter party. 

The Original Pinstrosity Post:
There are easier ways to repaint your kitchen. 
This past January, after a lake effect storm up north, Jenn decided to give these a try.
"So here's my attempt at the ice ball thing. I had it all planned out.. even had a good balloon delivery system (BDS) to ensure that there was no chance that the food coloring ended up anywhere else in the house. Fun fact... I don't use liquid food coloring.. only Wilton gel... after the 1st one ending up all over the wall and sink I went to plan B... the toothpick delivery was amusing.. and the faucet is finally starting to run clear now. Yes dear neighbors, I'm the crackhead making multiple trips outside with no jacket in sub zero temps to deliver my little landmines to their happy homes in the snowbanks. Do you know what happens when you have wet hands and go to open the door back inside? Dude! I'd also like to blame you people for the looks I will be getting for the next few days with my purply red blue green hands.. but we both know that's not the 1st time... so I can't blame you for that one.
Pinterest ice balls the next day... its -8 and I tried them.. they are all very hard. I cut the balloon off the red one and it seemed okay... peeled it back to the immediate glug glug glug of the non-frozen inside pouring out..."

The "Rerun" Submission:

"So yea that will make people stare..heheh" I love that "bloody" balloon. Makes me laugh every time I look at it. Jenn did eventually have success though after 48 hours of the water balloons sitting out in the sub-freezing temperatures:
So, not a super quick and easy pin, but not unattainable either! 

What about those "[blank] in a jar" pins. We get quite a few of those. 
The Original Pin:

Rainbow cake in a jar! 

The Original Pinstrosity Post:
Misty submitted our rerun of this classic Pinstrosity. She said, "Rainbow cake in a mason jar fail!  I think I added too much batter.  I wasn't sure exactly how close to the top it was supposed to be when I put it in the oven.  The pin said to use 3 tbsp of each color.  It didn't look like enough, so I added a little bit more.  Guess I'll learn to trust the recipes from now on. "

The "Rerun" Submission:

So we have the "[blank] in a jar" pin...what about the "[blank] in a mug" pins? Those are classics too. 

The Original Pin:

The Original Pinstrosity Post:
Elizabeth tells this story: "I should've known. Anything that is "quick and easy" and can be cooked in a microwave? I'll be there. I wanted to make a quick delicious cookie but I should've realized that the "Brownie In a Mug" that I made in 5th grade would've ended up just as horrible. I made a brownie in a mug for my brother's birthday, and being the boy that he is, he will eat anything that has chocolate in it. Later that evening, he threw up. Coincidence? I think not. This "Cookie" ended up tasting like frito corn chips and tons of white sugar. It ended up as a crummy mess. The recipe stated that it needed only 40-60 seconds, but it was way undercooked when I pulled it out. I kept putting it back in, and now I have this."

The "Rerun" Submission:
"I think microwave deserts have a thing against me."

And of course if we are going to mention cookies, we can't leave out the ever present and totally awesome cookie bowl. 

The Original Pin 

Sadly...too many people just read the pinterest pin's caption and not the recipe on the website and end up with this:

The Original Pinstrosity:
Cali sent us in this rerun submission. "So I thought it'd be a great idea to make these cookie bowls that I saw on pinterest to put a no bake cheesecake mousse into for my roommates and I to enjoy, but it just ended up being a ridiculous mess. Note to self, do not use a "just add water" pre made cookie mix if you are trying to be creative. I ended up chiseling off the cookie on the pan and crumbling it up to use it as a crust for my cheesecake mousse on the bottom of muffin paper. Whatever, still tasted the same so I say it's a 3 on the GCT scale!"

The "Rerun" Submission:

And then there's one of my favorites. This hails back to the very beginning of Pinstrosity with one of our first posts. 

The Original Pin:

The Original Pinstrosity:

Melanie says, "My friends and I just moved into a new suite and the blank white walls were desperately in need of some decoration. My suitemate saw this craft and asked if I would try it. I bought balloons and glue and got out my utilitarian brown yarn and skimmed the directions…big mistake. Turns out, in order for this to work, you need to mix the glue with corn starch and water. And you need to dip the yarn in the glue mixture, not coat the balloon with it. When I popped the balloon, the whole thing crumpled. It was a sad sight to behold. I hung it up anyway, as a testament to the necessity of reading directions."

The "Rerun" Submission:

Oh these make me chuckle, I love it! I could add so many more, but you probably weren't looking for an epistle to read today. That just means we'll have to do another "rerun" post in the future. Oh darn.

Have a Pinstrosity on your hands, but we've already posted someone else's submission of the same project? Send it to us anyway!