Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Em's Internet is Down...And Merle's BaBy Q/ Pre Birthday Party!

So I'm stealing internet from my parents house while we are here for my Dad's Birthday. Our internet pooped out on us on Thursday and we have been stealing it from various people since and hopefully it will be fixed sometime in the next week or so.
Until then you will be hearing from the amazing Marquette! The only thing I have to share are some pictures from the BaBy-Q/Pre-Birthday Party we (Camille and I) threw for Marquette and Cameron and their little man.
Hope everyone has a great week, and I will hopefully be back soon!
I made the cake out of Rice Krispies, Cameron is a big time lizard man so I thought this would be fun...I think it turned out good!

I think they made out pretty good! It was really fun to see them open everything :)
Here is the diaper cake I made...there are bottles inside the middle of the "cake" that are filled with M&M's...one for Mom, one for Dad.
 Excuse my messy house...it's been one of those weeks haha

Happy Pre-Birthday Merle! Here's a chicken!


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