Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Em's Internet Is Still Out...Boo.

I am losing my mind.
It is darn near impossible to take online college, face to face lecture college (with online homework and research due), and help run a blog without internet at my house.
I know a lot f people do  school and blogs without internet at their house, and I applaud you! This is no small task, and apparently I suck at it.
I started a post the other night when I had finished homework and was about to get kicked out of the lab (they close at 11), and it wouldn't let me do ANYTHING with pictures...I'm sorry :(
I am trying my best with what I have, and as soon as it gets back up we will be good to go. I think I know everyone of the "technicians" that work for my Internet Provider by voice, name, manner, and helpfulness. I'll make a chart and pass on the goods.
Hope everyone is doing well, and props for Marquette stepping up while I'm out!
Happy Hump Day!
Woot woot!

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