Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Doggone Cute Cupcakes

I am a pet person. Like REALLY a pet person. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for my Husband who IS NOT a pet person) we live in an apartment. One day I will have my Irish Wolfhounds, a big back yard and my one sassy cat.
Until that day I live vicariously through Pinterest whose obsession with pets 1) Can be a bit alarming  2) Sometimes hilarious  3) Maybe a little over creative and 4) Awesome because pets are awesome and we love them to death. Also 5) Grumpy Cat...because I love her (my apologies Tardar Sauce, you are in fact a girl...misprint!).

Michell sent us this pin she made for a friends birthday. She said her friend really loves her West Highland White Terrier pooches.
If you don't know what that is...exhibit A:
Adorable right!?!
The Original
Can I just say that people are SUPER inventive with cupcakes?!
Well Michell went to make these and first go round this happened...
The Pinstrosity
These puppies look more like an undercover Miss Piggy ( I think the eyes look like sunglasses lol)!
No worries, Michell had patience and persistence and tried again with MUCH better results!
The Pin-Win!
I think Michell's are WAY cuter than the original!
She said her kitchen was WAY to hot making all the icing melt on the cupcake AND the proportions of the ingredients weren't a good match.
She changed up some of the supplies, cooled down the kitchen and went to work. The size of the large marshmallows as the snout were way too big for her cupcakes, I think she either cut the marshmallow in half and used that as the base of the snout or just built the snout out of icing. Either way it looks awesome! Unfortunately you have to be subscribed to the original website to figure out all their design secrets, so she was going off a picture here! She did great (second go round), her final product turned out adorable!
Hope you all have a awesome Tuesday!


  1. They came out great! What did she use for the tongue? I can't tell. People with icing skills amaze me.

  2. This isn't relevant to anything... but Grumpy cat is a girl. ;)

  3. <3 for the post but um, Tardar (Grumpy cat) is a girl. Her brother Pokey is a boy. :D

  4. Check out my friend's tutorial for making Grumpy Cat cupcakes. She's super talented!


  5. Hi Emilee and Marquette. Seriously love your blog, it very often cracks me up. These cupcakes are super cute My dog's birthday is coming up. He is a grey/white schnauzer....I'm wonder ing if I can make those cupcakes without making them look like and ashtray or something!

  6. There are actually a series of cookbooks with these types of cupcakes, cookies and pies. My favorite one is called "What's Up Cupcake?"...I can't remember the names of the others (I have 3 total right now). They give you all sorts of tips and tricks for making professional cupcakes. But they use things like cookies, twinkies, and candies for the look!


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