Saturday, September 14, 2013

Show-and-Tell Saturday: Lewe the Ewe Quilt Pattern

In our Schedule Tab, we describe Show-and-Tell Saturdays like this: 

"Each Saturday we will be showing you a project we did from Pinterest. The idea here is to show you techniques we learned, pins we tested, store knock-off projects we did, and to share our "marvelous" ideas on Pin Spins. Now...we'd love to say that we're crafting/cooking/handyman/beauty/gardening gurus...but we're not. We're pretty average 20-something year olds, so these projects most likely won't be magazine worthy...but that's not what we're going for. We just want to create, enjoy the process, and help you be motivated to get out and try something. Life isn't Pinterest-perfect, and that's perfectly okay!"

Emilee and I switch off each week with who has what posting days, so that we alternate who has Show and Tell Saturday each week. Some weeks I know well in advance what I'm going to do, some weeks it hits Friday and I realize I have to figure out a Show and Tell post pronto. With all this glorious rain, family coming to visit, food from the garden to can and freeze (anyone need bags of green beans? holy molies), and the first "baby shower" (they're calling it a and children invited) this week, I just wasn't sure what pin I was going to showcase for today's post. And then it all just fell together while I was at work this week. 

I work at a local quilt store in town called Aunt Judy's Attic. It's a dangerous place for someone who likes color, fabric, crafts, and Pinterest. It took a few weeks to come home with a full paycheck instead of a partial paycheck and some fun fabric/craft goodies. I have thoroughly enjoyed the store and have learned so much there. This past week Judy had me build a pattern for her blog from a quilt top one of the quilters in the store came up with. She wanted the pattern to be printable, but also so we could post it up on the store blog and get it ready for Pinterest. It took me all day measuring the quilt pieces, mentally deconstructing and reconstructing the quilt, coming up with the order the pieces had to be sewn together, and getting everything written up. It was so much fun...the ultimate puzzle featuring math, fitting pieces together, and fabric. Finally I finished it up and we posted it and got it up on the blog and Pinterest. I excitedly pinned it to my boards for a future project. I figured I'd do it someday in the future. I thought I was done. But then I worried all night long that I'd messed up somewhere and told people to cut their fabric wrong, or had them sew something in the wrong order. So I decided I had to test it out myself so that I could hopefully catch any goofs I made. And then it hit me that it would be perfect for today's post. I got to help create a pinnable tutorial, and then I get to test it and let you all know if it works or not. Let's just say it was a good thing I ran through it as there were a few things that needed fixing. But now I think I can say that it is good to go and ready for the blog and Pinterest. 

This pattern features Susybee's Lewe the Ewe panel, and the Lewe the Ewe print fabric. My in-laws run a herd of sheep (complete with working Border Collies to help...I feel like I'm watching a scene from "Babe" every time I watch my Father in Law run the sheep), so I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it. I love the design that Nancy came up with for the fabric.

So after re-writing some of the instructions, realizing I measured/cut one of my pieces wrong (because I wasn't paying attention to the directions or I was just lazy or went crosseyed or something), jimmy-rigging the mis-cut piece to make it work, picking out a row 4 times (it was late...I shouldn't sew when it's late), and grumbling over is what I ended up with:

This pattern really is easy...if you cut your pieces right. Cutting quilt pieces apparently is not my strong point. Nor is sewing late at night. There are goofs in the sewing, but I like how it turned out overall. And now that I've tested the pattern from start to finish, I think it's good (just make sure you measure right...I apparently had problems with this today when I was cutting out my fabric). Of course I say that and someone will send us an email saying they're confused or that the pieces don't match up. But hopefully not. So, if you're looking for a fun pattern (that hopefully now has the kinks worked out of it), check out the pattern up on the Aunt Judy's Attic site

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