Saturday, September 7, 2013

Show-and-Tell Saturday: Pillow Power

Today is was in a sewing mood...last time that happened was 1996. No seriously. My poor mother tried so hard to have a little quilter on her hands and it just didn't happen.
There is one execption to that and it was about a month ago when I made today's Show-and-Tell Saturday!
Show-and-Tell Saturday!
Pillow Power!

So I didn't iron them because I was just too excited to get them on the couch and see how they all looked! I love them!! I don't have a cutting board or a rotary cutter so it took me a while to get everything cut out and make sure they were cut straight but that was THE hardest part of this project.
Seriously go check it out, easiest tutorial ever!
I used the three pillows that came with my couch, and then I bought a few at a garage sale so I had a few pillow forms to choose from. I bought the chevron, the word fabric and the mustard/neon yellow damask at Hobby Lobby all with coupons. The blue fabric seen in the third photo is from Wal-Mart that I had in my stash. Over all I think I spent $20 on all four pillows and fabric which is pretty awesome!! I think they go well in my living room and they are all slip covers so they can be taken off and washed which is awesome!!
Have any awesome DIY projects?! Send them our way!
Happy Saturday!


  1. I recently made pillows from this tutorial:

    They turned out fantastically! (Except I decided to dye mine, and while one dyed well, the other is a bit splotchy, even after a second dye- but that isn't the tutorial's fault.)

    The first of my two pillows is featured in this blog post:


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