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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunshine In AND Out of a Jar

Hello All!
Happy Friday! Michelle sent us this awesome pin, which turned out to be a little TOO awesome!

The Original Pin

The Pinstrosity

The name of this oh so delicious creation is "Sunshine In a Jar", Michelle said she followed the directions, but since she was making this for a baby shower, she decided to put them in a baby food jar. This didn't turn out quite like she had hoped. I would suggest, if you are putting this in baby food jars, which is a super cute idea by the way, that you put 1/3 the amount of cake mix in the jar than you would normally. This should help to minimize spillage, and makes for great presentation, and well, no cleanup, which is always a plus at my house :)
Before doing this for an event, I would suggest taking several different jars of the same size and putting different amounts of batter in each, baking and deciding which one suits your purpose.
These super fun single serving cakes would be great for a kids party, or just a fun dessert with easy cleanup! Bon Appetit!



  1. Hmmm, I wanted to do this one. I thought it would end up being be harder than it sounded!

  2. I've done this and it turned out great! Definetly watch how much batter you are putting in the jars, and I used a whipped icing to top it off. :)

  3. I tried these for my son's 6th The cooking spray left the jar looking dirty, and was easier and less time consuming to make a regular old cake.

  4. I did this for my daughter's 5th birthday and it was a huge hit. The colors weren't quite as bold, but that was fine. I would also suggest using a wide-mouth mason jar to make it easier to eat. Also scoop out the top 1/2inch of cake to make room for the icing.

  5. You can cheat for this too. Get a jar where the mouth of the jar is the same size as the base. Bake the colored cakes in a 13x9 and press the jar into the cake push it into the base, move on to the next color, until you fill the jar and frost it.

    Or, you can bake cupcakes. Shove a cupcake in, add frosting, shove another cupcake in, add frosting and repeat until full. This is more like a layer cake for those who like frosting... and you can get the rainbow effect by tinting the frosting too.

  6. I made these for my daughter's birthday. They turned out great but were very time consuming. A couple of tips: use neon food coloring, it makes the colors much more vivid. The best thing I did was make the individual bowls of the colors, then scoop them into Ziploc freezer bags and snip off a small corner and squeeze them in, in layers. This kept the colors from mixing. And I agree, only fill whatever jar you're using halfway full. It doesn't look like enough, but you'll be surprised.

  7. Mine weren't very bright :( and I did use neons

  8. I made one of these for my husband while he was in Afghanistan. It was part of his " birthday in a box" it stayed fresh in the mail and looked great!

  9. I made these in 1 cup jam jars and they turned out just like the picture. The girls LOVED them. I baked them with a little lower heat and had them in a baking dish with a bit of water on the bottom.

  10. I love doing these! I top mine with homemade buttercream I color in the same colors as my cake. I use small squaty jars and use a table spoon to soon my batter in. I've never had a problem. They are convenient to put a lid on to take on picnics :)

  11. Trying to cut sweets but this is totally irresistible!


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