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Monday, September 8, 2014

Lipsick Lushisness ft. The Mr. Chips

Hello all! Sometimes I see a pin and I know I just can't take everyone else's word for it, I HAVE to try it out myself!! From the second I saw this pin I knew that I HAD to try it. Then I found another one (the first one...I switched up the order for the big reveal!) and thought that while I was in the neighborhood I would give it a shot. I even got Chip in on this one ;) Stay tuned for outtakes at the end :)

The Original
Just to cover my basis, I am in no way saying that this poster is a false advertisement ...I am just relaying my own personal experiences. Nuff' said.
This fun pin helps you turn all of your favorite lipstick colors into lip stains so that they stay longer and won't transfer onto clothing, or anything else during the throws of a normal day. Here is my experience with this pin!
The Pinstrosity
I followed the steps shown in the poster by 1. Applying lipstick as normal.
I used one of my favorite moody mauve's, its called Summer Sunset by Maybelline.

2. Pressing a tissue (or TP, because that is what I have) to the lips.
3. Dabbing powder (I used baby powder) to the lips over the tissue.
and voila...only no voila here.

To me it just felt more like I had blotted the lipstick with a tissue. It still had that sticky lipstick feel and it wasn't even all that matte in real life. I felt that this one was a Pinstrosity. If I was looking for a lip stain I would probably just wear a lip stain and not go through all the trouble of the powder and tissue dance.
Now for the fun one ;)
The Original
I've had my eye on this one for MONTHS!!!
P.S. This girl has Jessica Rabbit lips, bravo to you lady.
The Pinstrosi-win-ity
(See what I did there)
I put concealer on first...nude lip anyone?
 Then I lined the lip in black eyeliner (harder than it looks!!)
I used Are You Red-y also by Maybelline for this one.
 I put the lipstick on my lips like normal.

And blended...which ended up looking like this.
And so I cleaned it up...

Not too bad! It's dark, but I like it. It has a sort of 90's gothic look that I really love. Not an everyday look, but it could be fun and it really wasn't too bad to replicate.
And now what you all have been waiting for, the outtakes!!
This was the first picture I took with the black lip liner...I couldn't stop laughing!!
 Get that corn outta my face!

 How you doin'?
 Ahaha!! I love him so much.

 And then finally all this happened. He is such a good sport. Love you Chip!
Happy Tuesday all!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Show-and-Tell Saturday: Sprucing Up Your Keyboard

I just bought my first few rolls of Washi Tape not too long ago. The plan is to use them to create color in the room without painting the wall of our rental. I still want one more color, and I'm not sure what design I want to do on the wall yet...but I'm scheming.

I've seen so many neat uses for Washi Tape in the past year! Adding flair to walls. Decorating notebooks and cards. Giving some color to bookshelf edges. Around windows. On boxes. Temporary cat collar. Okay, maybe not the cat collar. But it is used for some neat decorating! Today's Show and Tell Saturday is another decorative use for Washi Tape, submitted to us by Claire.

In the spirit of your "Use it Up Month", I decided to use up some washi tape I have (I have so much of it, it's so pretty, but I don't know what to do with it!) by decorating my laptop keyboard. The pin was fairly easy and quick to do - I picked a tape that was the same width as most of my keys, which helped a ton. There were problems, though. Washi tape is somewhat transparent, but it was still difficult to see the keys on a black keyboard with white lettering. So my "pin spin" was to use the washi tape only on the keys along the edges of the keyboard, and I think it turned out pretty cool looking! 

In addition, Washi tape peels off easily, so the tape started to peel around the edges of the keys a bit after a few days, a problem the original pin does acknowledge. Bottom line - this pin is easy, quick, and looks pretty darn cute, but is definitely just a temporary decoration.
Love your blog!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pinterest Inspired New-To-Me Eclectic Jewelry Armoire

While I don't have a fail for you, I do have a success story for you, and it's from me!
About a year ago Chip came home with a surprise for me. He works for a furniture store here in town and they deliver, fix, put together and move all sorts of furniture. On one of his service calls a customer asked them to take away a few pieces of old furniture she didn't want anymore. In that pile of furniture was this jewelry armoire:

It's not the best picture (lighting!!!) but this is what Chip brought home ( he asked her first if she would mind if he snatched it up for his wife, she said "Go for it!"). I was IN.LOVE. However, it had some transformations to go through. I had seen a few things on Pinterest that I liked that had a vibe I was going for:
I love the idea of mismatched styles, eras, colors and sizes in the chairs in this pin. This gave me an idea for the knobs.
I originally saw this backsplash at a friends house and was hooked and then totally forgot about it, until I saw it on Pinterest again! Bonus, I found this "metal" (mines plastic) backsplash at Home Depot for cheap!!
You know that disgusting baby poop green/yellow (chartreuse) that everyone hates??? It is my FAVORITE THING EVER!!!! I had to do this chest in my icky chartreuse because it wouldn't have screamed Emilee any other way. AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! :D
So there are my Pinterest inspirations, here is the work in progress:
Bonus: there is a cat in this picture can you find her?? Curious little critter.

We had to take out all the drawers and pull out the original drawer pulls which was a pain! And then we had to take the tops of each drawer and drill new holes, put everything back together (which was also an adventure). I was contemplating using a primer, but the original really wasn't too bad, so I tested different numbers of coats on a little section on the bottom just to see what it would do. It was determined that we would be ok without primer and with two coats of paint. By the way, my mom came with me when I picked the paint and she couldn't hold in the giggles the whole time we were at Home Depot because she thought my color choice was just hideous, "Why would anyone like that color?? hehehe It's just so icky!" Oh I love her.
This project sat in my parents work shop for the last year or so getting picked at and dusty, and then picked at some more, but mostly dusty until this summer. We house sat for my parents for two weeks and I made a $20 bet with my dad that it would be done when they got back. He knowing my lack of finishing skills took that bet and I am glad to say, he had to pay up!!!
One year later, five trips to the hardware store and lots of work later, here is my new-to-me finished jewelry armoire!!! *Drum roll please*

I am SO happy with how it turned out! Originally I was just going to do the green, but it needed a little somethin' somethin', so I added the teal. The knobs are from all over, Hobby Lobby, Anthropologie, Home Depot, and World Market to name a few. I was slowly collecting a few here and there and my mom gave me a few as gifts a while back.
This is about 2 AM on a work night...I HAD TO FINISH IT!!! (I didn't have the knobs with me, but really it was done at this point).
It always feels great to finish a big project. What have you finished lately??
Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pin-Win Toy Lamp

Em here! The hubby Chip and I are on a 3 week college tour trip all along the pacific coast! My posting may be a bit sporadic for a bit but I'm doing my best! We received this e-mail from Amy with this AWESOME DIY pin-win. Check it out!

The Pinspiration

The Pin-Win
She started out with this...

And ended up with this...

How awesome is that???
All she used for this was a lamp, some toys, spray paint and hot glue!! Awesome!!
If you would like to read more about Amy's project go check it out on her craft blog (super cute by the way!). You can find this project here.
Happy Tuesday all!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scrabble Coasters: Fail turned to Win

Today's Show and Tell Saturday is a well earned pin win from Rachel. She did her research before she jumped into her project, and then when it still gave her trouble, she found something that worked (from a tip from her husband, love it!). Here is her story:

Hi Emilee, Marquette, and Rachel!

I am working on a 101 in 1001 challenge (101 items to complete in 1001 days). One of the items on my list is to send a homemade craft to someone.

I saw these Scrabble coasters on Pinterest a looong time ago. Honestly, I wanted them for myself and I was just going to buy them online.

Last summer, I spent two weeks in PA visiting my and my husband's families. One of the weeks we were there, we stayed with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece. I saw my sister-in-law intently playing Scrabble at her swim club. I wished I could get in on the fun, but I had a high-energy three year old to chase after and make sure he didn't drown. :) We talked about our love of Scrabble. She plays all the time and I play Words With Friends like a fiend. So, I decided to make the coasters for Ang for her birthday.

I read a few tutorials and finally went out and bought the following items: a roll of cork, a full set of Scrabble letters (from ebay), Mod Podge (how did I not already have this at home?!), and Gorilla Glue (more on that choice later).

My first step was to look online for word inspiration. I wanted alcohol inspired terms. I finally settled on these:

Because I now have two little ones, my crafting time is limited to when the children are sleeping and occupied. So, I wrote the words in the order I wanted them on baggies so I could work on it later.

Ok, so back to the glue choice. I read about different glue options on several blogs and decided to go with Gorilla Glue because I've heard people time and again espouse its awesomeness. As I started gluing the individual tiles together, I quickly realized that it just wasn't going to work well. The glue not only didn't adhere well or quickly, but it started to stain the tiles. I tried some Super Glue that we had in the house, but that worked even WORSE (plus, I really hate the smell of Super Glue and always fear I'm going to bond my fingers together!). I just continued with the Gorilla Glue, including using it to adhere the tiles to the cork. I had to weigh the tiles and cork down since the piece of cork I cut off the roll was curved. It resulted in this:

I was very upset because it looked horrible. I hoped that maybe the Mod Podge on top might help. Nope.

While the Mod Podge makes the tiles look better, the staining from the glue looks so terrible. I was despondent and was ready to just by them online for her. I was talking to my husband Jason about it. He tends to try to make me feel good about the things I craft ("It's not perfect, honey, but it looks ok!"), but I asked him to be brutally honest since it was a gift. He suggested we keep it and that I try hot glue.

AHA! Hot glue! Why hadn't I, the Queen of Hotglueland, thought of that? I felt like a twit.

Not only did it work, it was SO MUCH FASTER than my previous method.

Instead of gluing the Scrabble pieces together and then gluing those to the cork, I just glued the pieces directly to the cork. Since the hot glue dried so quickly, I didn't have to worry about weighing it down. Here's a tip from experience: put glue on the back of the pieces and then on the sides of the pieces already glued down. Worked like a charm. I then used a box cutter to cut the coasters from the cork sheet. 

And though the blade on my box cutter was new and sharp, there was still "fray" on the edges that were driving me nuts. I used a plain old scissor to trim the edges, and it looked great! I tied the three coasters together with ribbon and Jason took them to the post office to send off for Ang's birthday. They are homemade, with love and about 99% professional looking.  :)

Pintrestedly yours :)
Rachel Maleski


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