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Monday, September 8, 2014

Lipsick Lushisness ft. The Mr. Chips

Hello all! Sometimes I see a pin and I know I just can't take everyone else's word for it, I HAVE to try it out myself!! From the second I saw this pin I knew that I HAD to try it. Then I found another one (the first one...I switched up the order for the big reveal!) and thought that while I was in the neighborhood I would give it a shot. I even got Chip in on this one ;) Stay tuned for outtakes at the end :)

The Original
Just to cover my basis, I am in no way saying that this poster is a false advertisement ...I am just relaying my own personal experiences. Nuff' said.
This fun pin helps you turn all of your favorite lipstick colors into lip stains so that they stay longer and won't transfer onto clothing, or anything else during the throws of a normal day. Here is my experience with this pin!
The Pinstrosity
I followed the steps shown in the poster by 1. Applying lipstick as normal.
I used one of my favorite moody mauve's, its called Summer Sunset by Maybelline.

2. Pressing a tissue (or TP, because that is what I have) to the lips.
3. Dabbing powder (I used baby powder) to the lips over the tissue.
and voila...only no voila here.

To me it just felt more like I had blotted the lipstick with a tissue. It still had that sticky lipstick feel and it wasn't even all that matte in real life. I felt that this one was a Pinstrosity. If I was looking for a lip stain I would probably just wear a lip stain and not go through all the trouble of the powder and tissue dance.
Now for the fun one ;)
The Original
I've had my eye on this one for MONTHS!!!
P.S. This girl has Jessica Rabbit lips, bravo to you lady.
The Pinstrosi-win-ity
(See what I did there)
I put concealer on first...nude lip anyone?
 Then I lined the lip in black eyeliner (harder than it looks!!)
I used Are You Red-y also by Maybelline for this one.
 I put the lipstick on my lips like normal.

And blended...which ended up looking like this.
And so I cleaned it up...

Not too bad! It's dark, but I like it. It has a sort of 90's gothic look that I really love. Not an everyday look, but it could be fun and it really wasn't too bad to replicate.
And now what you all have been waiting for, the outtakes!!
This was the first picture I took with the black lip liner...I couldn't stop laughing!!
 Get that corn outta my face!

 How you doin'?
 Ahaha!! I love him so much.

 And then finally all this happened. He is such a good sport. Love you Chip!
Happy Tuesday all!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Show-and-Tell Saturday: Sprucing Up Your Keyboard

I just bought my first few rolls of Washi Tape not too long ago. The plan is to use them to create color in the room without painting the wall of our rental. I still want one more color, and I'm not sure what design I want to do on the wall yet...but I'm scheming.

I've seen so many neat uses for Washi Tape in the past year! Adding flair to walls. Decorating notebooks and cards. Giving some color to bookshelf edges. Around windows. On boxes. Temporary cat collar. Okay, maybe not the cat collar. But it is used for some neat decorating! Today's Show and Tell Saturday is another decorative use for Washi Tape, submitted to us by Claire.

In the spirit of your "Use it Up Month", I decided to use up some washi tape I have (I have so much of it, it's so pretty, but I don't know what to do with it!) by decorating my laptop keyboard. The pin was fairly easy and quick to do - I picked a tape that was the same width as most of my keys, which helped a ton. There were problems, though. Washi tape is somewhat transparent, but it was still difficult to see the keys on a black keyboard with white lettering. So my "pin spin" was to use the washi tape only on the keys along the edges of the keyboard, and I think it turned out pretty cool looking! 

In addition, Washi tape peels off easily, so the tape started to peel around the edges of the keys a bit after a few days, a problem the original pin does acknowledge. Bottom line - this pin is easy, quick, and looks pretty darn cute, but is definitely just a temporary decoration.
Love your blog!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Food Coloring Hair Dye????

Today we have a meaningful, sweet, touching, surprising and fun post for you from Amber. Check it out.
"We all love a good Hair pinstrosity, right? We, my daughter and I, did a little experimenting back in April. A little back story: my daughter has been friends/classmates with a wonderful little girl named Maureen since kindergarten. In March Maureen was rushed to the Children's Hospital and was diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia. Less than 2 weeks later she passed away from complications from an infection. The school organized a "wear blue" week in honor of Maureen leading up to her memorial.  My daughter wanted to go an extra step.  She wanted blue hair!!"

"I had no idea how to do this so I turned to Pinterest.  I found a few different ways to dye hair, but I wanted a non-permanent option. I decided to try this pin:"

"The blog post showed nice easy directions - I even had everything on hand!! Score a Use It Up challenge as well!!  I used a hotel sized bottle of white conditioner & a bottle of blue food coloring. I even pre-cut my foil into easy to use sheets like my hairstylist uses." 

"Mixing it up seemed to go okay, just like the steps on the blog."

"I put a towel over my daughters shoulders and my lap. Divided up her hair in sections so I could easily apply the mixture. I foiled each section. I thought it looked a little light, but I figured the blue would show up with her blonde hair so it didn't need to be too dark."

"I continued on until her whole head was foiled. Following the blog's instructions, we let her sleep in them over night. I wrapped her head in a scarf and then put a knit cap over it so that nothing would fall out and possibly stain her new sheets."

"The next morning she jumped out of bed (a rare occurrence for her) and we took out the foil for the big reveal. Not bad!!"

"The last step of the blog said to rinse but not to use shampoo. My daughter put her hair over the edge of the tub and I watched all the blue rinse away down the drain. OH NO!!!! It was Monday morning, less than an hour before school.  No time to run to the beauty store and buy blue dye (if they even have it) and I am about to have a very disappointed daughter when she realizes that this pin was just BUSTED!  No color remained in her hair at all!"

"I didn't even have that much blue food coloring left, some but not a lot.  In a hail Mary pass I put the ends of her hair in the bowl and put the blue food dye directly on her hair with the help of my handy dandy sponge brush. I had no idea if this was going to work, if the dye would stain everything or be permanent. All I knew is my daughter wanted blue hair and it had to be this morning."

"To lessen the chance of having blue food coloring everywhere I went ahead and blow dried her hair.  It seemed to seal the majority of the color onto her hair.  It did have a nice effect."

"It lasted the week that she wanted it too. She was turning a little smurf-esque by the end of the week, but she didn't ruin any clothes at least.  The night of the memorial when we got home she took a bath, we all laughed at the results."

"On the GCT scale the original results was a 1. It didn't work but at least her hair was in the same condition as it was from when we started (maybe a little softer!).
My fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants results were a Pin Win! It gave her the blue hair she wanted and last the week until she shampoo's her hair and then it came out without a trace."
First off I am very sad to hear of the passing of your friend. I think the schools memorial was a very thoughtful and sweet thing to do, and I was touched to hear how passionate your daughter was about it. We send our love to those who were close to Maureen.
As a hair dresser, officially I am supposed to say " I wouldn't recommend this because you just never know what can happen. Everyone's hair is different." I have had a few friends who used the one wash spray Halloween dye on their blonde hair and it didn't come out for MONTHS. One of them even attempted bleaching it out and still no luck! I would suggest letting colors be left to the professionals, but as a kid who colored my hair myself staring when I was 11, I know what it's like on the other side!! When you need blue hair you NEED BLUE HAIR! all have been warned!
But...I actually think this might work for like a "one time use" kind of thing. It WILL stain your clothes, and your towels, and your skin but it is kind of fun and it is a kid/mom approved way of adding color for a little bit. I haven't tried this, but it's kind of fun and I am interested to see if anyone else has tried this with similar results?? I have heard of girls using markers, or Kool-aide, or chalk and water to try this affect but never actually using actual food coloring. So Pinstrosipeeps, what's the word on the street??? To blue or not to blue??
Happy Thursday!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dadgum Cookie Cake

Well, I'm kinda stretching it on the Road Trip/Vacation theme today. I've done searches in our inbox and submission archives for the words "trip", "travel", "car", "plane", "vacation", "road", "snacks", "packing", etc. I can't find anything directly related to vacations in our inbox. So...I'll relate today's post by making it about Cars. Sort of. ;)

Erin, our awesome submitter for today, said, "I wanted to do a cars themed birthday for my li'l guy, but was having a trouble finding a cake I thought I could do (he is sensitive to red40 so I thought choosing 'Mater' might work better)."

The Original Pin:

Erin decided to do a cookie cake rather than a cake cake. "After mixing up cookie dough and laying it out on a cookie sheet, my husband meticulously cut out the outline of "mater".  Then we baked it..... and of course, out of the oven comes one big giant blog (I don't know what we were thinking) haha. But we just cut the cookie again, and used some icing to give him life.  I used the 'brown' of chocolate chip cookies to eliminate having to ice the whole thing.  I used this recipe ( to make the icing and the icing looked great but tasted pretty awful! We pretty much just ate the parts that weren't iced! haha"

The "Pinstrosity"

Dadgum! That's a big cookie. I love cookies. Can a yummy cookie be a fail? Not in my books. I agree with Erin when she said, "I was glad about how it turned out.. I'm sure it could've done a little better, but the amount of time put in yielded a good product I think :)". 

I love the idea of doing the cookie cake, that's genius. Again though, I love cookies.

Need other Mater cake ideas? Check out our other Mater cake post here.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Some Time Ago Sunday: Cat Shelf Confessions

Good evening,

Hooray, at long last, this post is ready for reading!This week, Sunday Surprise is taking a vacation. It's been replaced with "Some Time Ago Sunday" (because Throwback Sunday just doesn't sound as good as Throwback Thursday). This story is also somewhat related to Operation Use It Up, because unfortunately, I still have ALL of the supplies for this project. Ugh, pinnstrosipeeps, I am so ashamed of the fails that took place during every step of this process. I almost want to punk out and not tell you, but, sometimes the worst Pinstrosities are the PinNOTsities. So, here we go, hang in there...

Do you know what I thought was a great idea a year ago? Making cat shelves for our two chubby cats Stella and Carly:



For any of you that are not cat lovers, you may wonder what a cat shelf is, exactly. Pinterest and I are happy to show you:

The Original Pin

Can we talk about the bat ears on that little furry? Oh my gosh, adorable!
Essentially, cat shelves can function as a more modern/ less expensive alternative to a cat tree. Please note that I said they are "supposed to be" (they weren't for us-- read on...). However, what really, really made us want to try cat shelves was that no floorspace would be taken up by a cat tree (since we have plenty of wall space, but minimal floor space).

It's kind of difficult to see from the following photo, but we wanted to put two shelves under each of the second story windows, so that the girls could watch the goings on outside from up high. We'd then use four small shelves as stairs, or a ladder, on a wall (not pictured) so the girls could reach the high shelves.

As you can see, they already loved the mini-cat towers that we got at Ross for $12.99 (What a steal!!!!)
Anyway, HausPanther posted this entry about the shelves that they installed in their modern loft. Totally adorable, right? They allow your feline friends to take advantage of high walls/ceilings (which we have) and they encourage activity (which my chubby cats need), so this seemed like a win. However...

The Pinstrosity

Shenanigans! Those shelves aren't even on your wall!
Now, who just tilted their head at the screen and thought "Well, it doesn't look like a cat could climb on those at all,"? You're right. The entire cat shelf project was derailed after a series of fails that I will detail for you now:

1. Questionable Material Choices.

Carly and Stella are actually Rob's cats, but since we moved in together, I've become their proud cat mom. So, naturally, when I had the idea of screwing shelves into the walls for them to play on, Rob had security concerns: the shelves must be sturdy, not too narrow, and not too slick. To which I said: "All right, I can handle that."When I explained the idea and showed him the photos, he was totally on board.

Since we were working off of the picture for this project here's the list of supplies we came up with:

Supply List:
- 4 small shelves: We used the Ikea Laiva for $1.99 each.
- 2 large shelves: We used the 75" Ikea Lack Shelf (this choice added more work for us later) for $19.99 each.
- 2 to 3 brackets per shelf: We used the Ikea Ekby Stodis for .50 cents each.
- Bath mats to use at the liner for the shelves: 1 for $6.99, 2 more at $12.99 each -- all from Ross.
- Industrial strength adhesive velcro (to attach shelves to the rugs, but ideal for removal if the rugs needed cleaning) - $19.99 ish
-Screws to attach brackets to shelves (Purchased at Ikea for like $7.99 in a kit).

At the time we were purchasing these items, it still seemed like we were getting a swingin' deal (compared to $150 for a cat tree). It would have been ideal to purchase the Lack shelves on Craigslist, but after two weeks of waiting for some to show up, the creative madness took over, and we buckled and went to Ikea.

2. Gross Underestimate of Time Required to Complete Project.

I'm famous for not understanding time. I mean, I know five minutes = five minutes. But, my relationship with estimating how long a project will take? 100% off. Every time. So, when I thought the cat shelf project was something that we could hammer out in a couple hours, I was sorely mistaken.

It took a couple of weeks to finally gather all of the supplies that we needed, which was torture, as you can imagine. We also have to borrow tools from my dad (who has ever tool known to humankind), so coordinating when we could borrow drills/ladders/levels also played into the schedule.

After what seemed like forever (two whole weeks, oh the trials and suffering), Rob and I had an evening free together. It seemed like the perfect "hammer it out" night. I started cutting the bat mats into pieces for each of the small shelves while Rob drilled the brackets onto the shelves:

Rob's work: Brackets attached to the four small shelves:

 My work: measuring the bath mat to fit each of the shelves:

Then, we allowed Carly to play on the shelves:
Carly thought this process was mighty fun.

3. Emergency Supply Revisions.

Part 1: Vexed by velcro adhesive.

The bath mat was cut up and ready for attachment. But... wait... the industrial strength, adhesive velcro has no interest in sticking to shelf or to the rug, let alone both at the same time. I've had bandaids that could have performed better. But, I'm a glass half full time of person, so it was time for Plan B: Needle and thread (because I don't have a sewing machine, and really can't sew to save my life anyway). Why a needle and thread? Because, CLEARLY, a tiny little needle would definitely be able to go through velcro and a bathmat.


After attempting to get a needle through the strip of velcro (with the adhesive, mind you), I was certain that the back of the needle would sooner go through my finger skin than said velcro. Don't even talk to me about it getting it through the bathmat. Basically, a critical bath mat/thread/needle/shelf crisis then took place on the floor of the living room.

Part 2: Hollow shelves call for additional hardware

What interrupts my crisis on the floor is an important observation from Rob. The huge Ikea Lack shelves? Yeah, they're HOLLOW. Why we didn't realize this before is beyond me, but we came late to the obvious-party. Initially, we thought maybe this wouldn't be a big deal. However, once we had attached the bracket to the shelf, it took only a slight tug for the whole bracket, screws and all, to come right back through the shelf, making us fear that the shelves would be unsafe for the furries.

Rob is a problem solver. So, he figured we would make the misplaced brackets work and we will use bolts/washers to attach the brackets to the shelves. No biggie, those can be purchased at a home improvement store, where Rob (the more level-headed of the two of us) pointed out that we also purchase Gorilla Glue to cure my bath mat ailment.

4. Late Night Trip to Home Depot

By this point, it's already 9:30, and I have to be at work the next morning by 7:00. However, we resisted the urge to give up. Dissatisfied, yet still determined, Rob and I made the late night run to Home Depot for Gorilla glue and bolts/washers. Because, censored word, we were going to make this thing work THAT night.

Good news? Finding Gorilla glue was no problem. Bad news? Home Depot did not have the length of bolt that we needed (since we wanted it to go through the shelf and the bracket). We went ahead and got the washers, sans bolts, and headed home.

I glued the velcro to the shelf and the velcro to the rugs, and then we (wisely) called it a night.

This is what the bottom of the shelf looked like with the velcro.

5. Fights throw projects off.

Rob and I didn't have another free night to dedicate to the cat shelf project for a several days (maybe even a week), so it sat and sat. We finally found the bolts we needed from the blessed Ace Hardware. The only trouble was that their hours were such that we missed them by minutes two days in a row. However, at long last, we had the bolts, which meant that it was time to attach the brackets to the shelves, trim down the bolts, and secure said brackets.

This part of the project took place outside, since the only thing we had on hand to trim the bolts was a hack saw. Shards of metal everywhere? Not in our house. Here, you can see our outdoor cat, Johnny, assessing the project:

This same evening (shortly after those photos were taken, actually), Rob and I got into some sort of argument. I can't remember what about, and he and I fight so rarely, that this really put both of us in a funk. We got the brackets attached to the shelves (thank heavens) before making an important realization: we had completely forgotten to measure the brackets to align with the studs in the walls. What did this mean, pinstrosipeeps? Either remove the brackets, re-drill the shelves, and re-attach the brackets or hope to find one stud in the wall and pray that our 30 lbs of cat didn't bring it crashing to the floor.

Unable to civilly decide how to move forward, we put the project away and spent the rest of the night apart.

6. Electricity is not to be meddled with by amateurs.

By this point, a couple of months has passed since we had touched (or wanted to touch) the cat shelf project.  The variety of shelves and brackets were traveling from room to room in our house, not conveniently anywhere.

A combination of a bad taste in our mouths, not knowing quite what to do, and being overwhelmed by other parts of life was keeping us from engaging with the project. Though, inexplicably one afternoon, Rob and I got the bug and made another attempt. After thoroughly discussing the bracket/stud issue, we decided not to mess with the brackets, and get the shelf against the wall. At least then we could see where we were at.

At long last, some good news. We got the first of the shelves onto the wall. And hot dog, it looked great!!! The door frame made it so that it was easy to hold up and drill in. And let me tell you, that thing isn't budgin'.

Flippin' sweet, right??
We were ready for large shelf #2 to go up. In the photo below  (where the ladder is). we wanted a second long shelf to go under the angled window.  The wall in the left-most part of this photo was where we were going to stagger the small shelves to create the stairs/ladder (so that the cats could climb up to the windows):
We whipped out our stud finder so that we could check for ideal shelf placement. We have semi-textured walls in our rental, so the stud finder was making heinous confusion noises and started blinking on and off. After grumbling and moaning, Rob finally handed it to me. I got it against the wall and realized the worst news about this project: there was an electric current in the "ladder wall". Rob and I were totally baffled, since there is no outlet on the wall there.

That was until we remembered that there was an outlet outside on that wall. D'oh! Then we REALLY felt like idiots. No lie, we looked at each other and without saying a word, we stacked the shelves into a corner, poured some wine, and called it a day. The entire cat shelf project seemed like a wash, and holy cow, I just wanted to buy a cat tree and give up. I'll mess with a lot of things, but negotiating an electrical line with a drill? No, thanks. I'll pass.

Six months later, for Christmas, my parents surprised us with a cat tree!

Whatever could it be? 
The girls have really enjoyed this new addition to the house since Christmas:
Play time!

Fast forward four months...This brings us to the present (well, least Saturday). Would you like to know what I did for the Use It Up Challenge?! Enlisted Superdad's assistance and got the second large cat shelf hung!!

Nothing like having a fresh set of eyes/tons of construction experience to fix your cat shelf problem and make you look really silly for making it into such a big deal. We ended up moving the brackets, trimming the center one down, and relying on the frame of the window for the studs.

Note the placement of the cat tree.
We placed the cat tree under the shelf so that we could avoid drilling into the ladder wall with the smaller shelves. We figure we'll re-use those elsewhere in the house (and just remove the carpet).

Robert and Papa 
First time on the shelves! Can you spot our stealthy black kitty?
Stella is so excited about the cat shelf! Carly is still a bit nervous (since the cat tree is kind of wobbly). We'll have to work her up to it. Stella was waiting for us on the shelf above the door tonight. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Holy cow, I'm so glad that I was able to share this near PinNOTsity with you.
Thanks for taking the time to read this novel of an entry. What did you think? Are we crazy cat people?
Cheers to you all,


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