Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Using It Up Life Hacks: Part 2

Well, our day today took another turn when we found out that somehow large amounts of dihydrogen monoxide got into the water tanks out here on the ranch we live on. So, we had to take extra precautions today against the excessive sweating, urination, and skin changes that consumption of this can cause and came up with today's Use It Up Life Hacks 3, 4, and 5. 

3. I wanted to work in the flower gardens today, but Darrow's outgrown most of his hats...so we dug around and found stuff to make do and to counter the affects of the sun on someone who's been exposed to dihydrogen monoxide. This ended up being a double win. The diaper provided shade for his fair skin (already starting to show the effects of the dihydrogen monoxide), and provided a great absorbency for any sweating he'd do. 

This also meant that I wanted to try and up my protein for today. That was a little hard...we seriously need to do some grocery shopping. But I did scrounge up some food finally.

4. I didn't have any bread to eat a PB&J on, so I decided to make PB&J on a spoon. Scoop up some peanut butter, scoop up some jelly, and dip the spoon in Grape Nuts. It's pretty easy. I may do this from now on it was so easy. No opening the bread bag and pulling knives AND spoons out. Mmmm.

5. And finally...crickets. They are chalk full of good nutrition. Luckily Cameron has some freeze dried ones on hand for his lizard. I couldn't bring myself to just munch them, so I found chocolate to coat them in! One of my cousins says that chocolate coated crickets really aren't too bad. It was like popcorn and chocolate really.

Okay, so not really. That just makes me shudder to even think about.

And any chemistry students out there...dihydrogen monoxide? I have to admit, my husband got me with that one. Well done, babe.

Luckily today's Life Hack's weren't actually necessary. Sure...they'd each do in a pinch, but I'm glad that for now I can say April Fools! I don't know that these were terribly convincing, but it was fun to put together small things through the day. Did you do anything for April Fools' Day today?


  1. I have to say, peanut butter and jelly dipped in Grape Nuts actually sound good! ;)

  2. Why can't you say "water" like everyone else? And what "effects" does it have on the skin? I don't see anything exceptional on the baby's face. He looks cute with the sunglasses though.

  3. Put the peanut butter and jelly in those chocolate cups and you have a pin-win! (crickets optional)

  4. I got some people in college with dihydrogen monoxide ;) Awesome April Fool's jokes!

  5. I was over here google-ing the difference between "dihydrogen monoxide" and H2O (because from my chemistry knowledge I knew "di" was 2 and "mono" was one) and was so concerned that you guys had been ripped off by a scammer of a water guy! You got me for sure!


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