Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Mug Garden Report

For today's Throwback Thursday I'd like to report on a post I did almost a year ago (10 months): The Mug Garden. If you remember, or if you don't that's okay, that was the last post in our Mug Week. I bought mugs, wrote on them with paint, and then planted succulents and bamboo in them.

There was some concern about how these would actually work as there is no drainage for the water. I wasn't completely sure if these plants would stay alive or not. Do mugs work for succulents? I had no idea. So this has been the longest Pinstrosity experiment yet, but today I wanted to show you what these look like at this exact moment (or...about 2 minutes ago when I took the picture):

The succulent in the blue mug bit the dust (haha, that was the "hope" mug...does that mean I let my hopes die? Haha! Okay, lame jokes done), but these others are doing great! I hadn't realized just how much they had grown until just now. Cool beans! Once they get much larger I'll need to transplant them into a larger container, but these mugs have been the perfect starter pots for now!

Yea for mugs!


  1. Congrats on your success---Since succulents don't need much water, a misting will do, I use pebbles, glass stones and / or marbles in lieu of soil. I have a ball jar with marbles and same water for a bamboo I've had for a few years now. Succulents are fun and easy--trick is NOT to over water. :)
    <3 LOVE your blog !!

  2. I had problems trying to keep a plant alive in a mug because there was no hole to let the excess water drain. I tend to kill plants by over watering them.

    Yours however look amazing.


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