Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gluten Free Super-Villain Origins

Hey there Pinstrosipeeps! I've got a Peeps Pinstrosity for you today! I don't know about you, but I like Peeps. I think they are yummy. I've seen so many creative things with Peeps on Pinterest: chocolate dipped Peeps. Peeps Pops. Peeps filled vases. Peeps cake toppers. Peeps in the microwave (that's a fun one). But I'd never seen today's Peep Pin. Behold: The Peep Massacre Cake:

The Original Pin
This is the Peepza Rustica cake. It takes a cake mix and chopped up Peeps. I so want to try this!

Today's submitter, Estelle, decided to make this for her Peeps loving niece for her birthday. She says, "It looked cute. It looked pretty easy. And it looked like precisely the sort of thing my Peeps-loving-birthday-celebrating niece would love. The complication was that my niece is gluten free, so I used a plain old gluten free cake recipe that I had. I used almond flour. And after 20 minutes in the oven, the cake was a boiling, quivering, almost preening mess that looked like this:"

The Pinstrosity

Estelle continues, "Most likely there was an issue with the almond flour, because this caramelized, weeping sludge was not what was intended. As I was lamenting the loss of so many innocently slaughtered Peeps, my boyfriend said, 'That's not even caramelized. That's a super villain's origin story.'"

Hehe, super villain's origin story. I like this guy. 

Adapting any recipe with gluten to one without is tricky. Some work great, other don't. It makes me think of this video:

I don't have any experience cooking gluten free, but I've watched friends and family members go gluten free and adapting recipes looks frustrating. To go gluten free with this recipe I'd probably buy a gluten free cake mix rather than making my own cake from scratch; too many variables in a gluten free scratch cake. That's just me being a scaredy cat though. If you're gluten-free-inexperienced or a seasoned gluten-free chef and you want to try a cake from scratch, go for it!

Now, I think I'll go find some Peeps to snack on.

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