Thursday, April 10, 2014

Use It Up- Pay It Forward Crafty Style

Hello peeps!!
Today we have a Use It Up submission from Rebecca.
Do you ever have a million different half used balls of yarn in a million different colors and your thinking, "What the heck do I do with all of this??".
Rebecca had this dilemma and decided to combine all of her bits of color and crochet them into small squares, combine the squares, and then use the quilt as an act of service.
Check it out:
Use It Up Challenge
Isn't that beautiful and spunky?!?!
Here is what Rebecca said about it:
"I used to crochet all.the.time when I was younger, and have just now gotten back into it. The challenge was the perfect excuse to use up some of my little random balls of yarn, and a lady at my church took it to a women's shelter."
How great is that?? I love crafting, and I love being able to craft for family, friends, and myself. Sometimes is also great to create/craft for others. I love when people use their abilities and talents for the good of others. This totally makes me think of someone whom I am close with that very much so also lives her life in this way, DeAnn over at The S.I.P. Project, if you haven't been by there, go check it out! She is pretty crafty in her own way!
Great submission Rebecca! We love it!
Happy Thursday Pinstrosipeeps!!

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  1. I'd like to point out that this project only works if either all your scrap yarn has the same gauge, or if you know how to swatch to *make* it all gauge up to the same size.


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