Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Surprise: Weekly dose of awesome

Yo yo yiggity yo!

Happy Sunday y'all! It's that time of the week again! This week I had no good excuse not to be creative, but alas, it just didn't happen. I went out a bit, enjoyed one of Rob's gigs, and am re-starting the spring cleaning that was supposed to be DONE by now (can you have cleaning relapses? Because we have had a huge one).

Anywho... you know sometimes I'm good for a positive post, and so here are the goodies that I came up with for this week. I already am working on ideas for the next two (two! can you believe it?!) weeks of Sunday Surprise. So, get ready. I'm pumped.

But, for today's Sunday Surprise, I wanted to focus on encouraging you to continue being awesome, if for no other reason than sometimes people need to be reminded that they're awesome. You are!

The most obvious:

Be you:

Don't blame yourself when you don't need to:
This sounds kind of rude, but, I actually take it as a vote of confidence. You there, reading this, you're smart, able, and awesome: go kick some butt today!

Along the same lines...

I love people who are imperfect, which is fortunate, since we all are. Remember, imperfect is not bad, it's GREAT!

But, for anyone who doesn't appreciate your imperfections, you can just tell them...

Remember, there are no coincidences.
And... last, but not least (and in the spirit of Marquette's fabulous hat for Emilee), I'd like to to say this to all of you:

Thank you for being awesome! I know that I'm still fairly new to the Pinstrosity project, but I have received nothing but warmth and good feelings from you.

Stay awesome, dear readers!

PS: Despite this being completely unrelated to my post, I found this on Pinterest, and it has become Rob and I's new, awesome, FAVORITE thing. We are going to put it in the house somewhere, but we haven't decided if we should do it on canvas/wood/in a frame/on fabric. But, anyway, here is the saying:

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  1. Ever since finding that Polish Proverb months a go I use it all the time! One of my favorites!


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