Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Use It Up Mobile

Today we have an awesome Use It Up Pin Spin from Christina to show you! Here's her submission:

Hello, Pinstrosity ladies! From the moment I found your charming corner of the internet I was hooked. I love your kind and positive attitudes and the way you are solution-oriented without taking yourselves too seriously. It's the perfect mix. And I have finally gotten my act together enough to send a submission! Happy day.

I'm renovating a nook in our house into a tiny art studio for myself, and I've been having so much fun coming up with artsy, girly decor. I decided to combine these two pins to make my own fabulous mobile for my corner (because who says mobiles have to be only for babies?):

I rolled out some air dry paper clay I had leftover from an assignment in an art class I'm taking, and made the lace imprints with lace scraps I've had for years.  Then I free-handed the drop shapes with a sharp knife (I didn't have a drop-shaped cutter).  Finally, I hung them from driftwood I collected on our vacation last year with some pretty, colored twine I had in my stash of crafty...stuff.  Voila! A beautiful mobile to hang in my space. It was an easy and very rewarding project.

I LOVE this. What a great project. And, I love the handkerchief "garland" you can see in the background of the last photo. What a great space! So light, and feminine, and happy! Thanks Christina for this awesome project! 


  1. That is pretty cool! Now we need her to send us a tutorial on the handkerchief garland! I love the look of that!

    1. Alicia, the handkerchief garland took me all of five minutes to make. It's just vintage hankies folded diagonally into triangles, then tied together at the corners.


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