Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Survive a Wile E. Coyote Week

So, anyone else having one of those weeks where you swear someone is going to jump out and say "Just Kidding!". Well, that's this week around here. I'm sure you've all had those weeks. Life gets sailing along smooth and everything seems fine, and then suddenly from out of nowhere a piano falls on you and Wile E. Coyote grins because for once it's not him under the piano. The dumb part? I don't even have any awesome photos of this Life Pinstrosity week to show you. But, I do have a whole blog of 500+ posts with awesome photos. So, let's dig back through the archives and see what we can find in the way of "How to Survive a Wile E. Coyote Week".

Survival Tip #1: Cake
Cake isn't my first choice of dessert, but seriously I'm not going to turn down a piece of cake. Does it have frosting? I'm in. Cake doesn't even have to look pretty. Cake is cake even with ugly frosting. It's hard to be frustrated and eat cake at the same time.

Survival Tip #2: Pampering
Even if the foot soak you did in an attempt to relax turns your foot blue...if it relaxes you in the midst of stress and insanity, I'm for it this week. It is so easy in the midst of stress to neglect yourself (at least I find that to be true as I'm taking care of my husband and son, the house, the errands, calling the mechanic back, activating the new phone, plugging up mice holes, cooking all the meat that thawed when the freezer door didn't seal shut, etc.). Not a foot soak kind of person? Take a bath. Get a hair cut. Take a nap. Get a back rub. Sit on the porch with lemonade. Whatever it is that is your pampering preference...give yourself even just 5 minutes to detox and relax. It makes a HUGE difference!

Survival Tip #3: Forget Yourself

It really is hard to continue to wallow in our own self-pity when we are trying to do something to put a smile on someone else's face. Deliver cookies. Order pizza to be delivered anonymously. Walk their dog. Babysit their kids. Leave them a homemade card on their door. Carry someone's groceries. Make a balloon avalanche. Whatever it is you do, throw yourself into it!

Survival Tip #4: Resort to Silliness if Need Be
I giggle every time I see this post and the Angry Bird cake pops "pooping". My sense of humor may be stuck in the 4th grade, but it does make me giggle. What made me giggle even more is when it happened to me. Cameron and I couldn't stop laughing. So...go make you some cake balls, put them in the freezer, and then dip them in melted chocolate before they thaw. As they warm, there is a good chance you'll get to watch your cake pops poop. And for some reason that just brings out the inner kid and you can't help but laugh. Or maybe I'm just juvenile.

Survival Tip #5: Get Out of the House
Spinny chairs are the best. 
Maybe your thing is to go for coffee, or maybe your thing is to hit up the local park and see who can last on the merry go round the longest. Either way, don't sit at home by yourself wallowing in self pity. Get out of the house. Go to the store (don't want to spend money? Leave all your cash/checkbooks/cards at home and just wander). Go to the park. Take a walk in your yard. Visit the city museum. Take yourself out on a date. It does wonders! 

What are your Survival Tips for Wile E. Coyote Weeks? 

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