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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Balloon Avalanche

I received the funniest Birthday Card in the mail the other day. Partly it was funny because it wasn't my birthday, but it was funny too because the card was just clever. But it has me excited for my Birthday...even though it's months and months away. I don't know if I'll ever outgrow Birthdays.

We were sent an awesome Birthday pin by Melanie. 

The Original Pin
Melanie tried this pin for her youngest daughter Ashlynn's 13th birthday. Here's her story: "My 19 y/o Emily & I thought it would be fun to pull off the awesome Pinterest idea & put up a wall of balloons for her special day. We got up early, blew up the balloons & attempted to put the avalanche up. The tape kept sticking to random spots on the trash bags so when we tried to remove the tape it would put a hole in the we just left it on. It's not pretty but it was working. we piled in the balloons then the tape came off at the bottom. We adverted the catastrophe & reapplied the tape & replaced the balloons. After all was in place I then thought how am I going to wake her up now, seeing how on a normal day I usually go in to her room to wake her. So I began the "mom yell" to wake her up. Now to get her to come out of the door. As we're anticipating her exit we start laughing...Em says "it's like hide & seek, now I gotta pee"...hahaha!! Ashlynn finally comes out & FAIL, the balloons didn't do what I envisioned them doing but none the less it was still fun & she was a bit out of sorts from what was going on. HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY to my OFFICIAL TEENAGER!"

The Pinstrosity

I love the confused sleepy look. Perfect.

As to how to improve it...I have two ideas.
  1. More balloons. The more balloons the better. And the more balloons you can get at the top of the door the better. 
  2. Helium! Say it in a high voice. I guess that'd make it kinda a backwards avalanche...but still, that'd be super fun. And then the balloons would come up around the person's head. 
Either way though, this would be fun pretty much however it turns out. I love the video and her reaction. It really was fantastic. 


  1. That is hilarious! At least everyone got a good laugh over it. Helium would be a fun addition.

  2. How fun. I think I will try this for our 39 yr old daughter in law for her Thanksgiving birthday. The whole family will be there and her little kids can help!

  3. I love how this turned out anyway! Really funny and cute :)

  4. LOL loved how it turned out... this would never work on my home. I would likely have to setup a camp outside the door and wait for a long time, otherwise no one would wake up by themselves (not even with a lot of screaming from outside). So, to have it on camera. Erh, good luck to me hahaha

  5. Also painters tape would have been the better options over masking tape.

  6. So fun! I love the laughing and the reaction from the daughter. Great!

  7. Ha ha ha! "What is it supposed to be?" " Some St#&*d pinterest idea" sounds like my family. Can't wait to try it out though.

  8. I did this and it works fine you need a ton of balloons though...not just the few that were in the video and tape the bottom tighter then the top so more balloons are falling from above

  9. I like this idea so much! And helium, great. I wonder if pushing helium-filled ones on the bottom of the pile and putting oxygen-filled ones on top would work. Then a cacophony of balloons would both fall and fly all around.

  10. I did this but instead did it towards the top and created a funnel from the ceiling. Worked awesome!

  11. lol maybe use more see-through plastic so you can see their reaction.

  12. I didn't see anything! The balloons were already down when the video started.... :/


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