Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Straight From the Brain Creativity! DIY Picture Stand

One of my favorite things in the whole world is being able to create something out of your very own brain.
 Now, this thing may exist in some other place, but if you have never seen it, or heard of it, and this idea just came to you, then you and that other shiny human being on the other side of the planet have had a Creative Straight From the Brain Twin Moment!
Today's post is from Jennifer and I was just floored when I opened it up and took a look.
 Like, "How did I NEVER IN MY LIFE THINK OF THIS! IT'S SO EASY!!!!" floored.
Check it out!
"I had made coasters at a recent Mom's Nurturing Moms night at church and since we don't really use coasters here, I wanted some way to display them. I'm cheap and couldn't bring myself to spend $20 for one coaster (especially when I needed 4 of them) and Wal-Mart had coasters but never the same amount in the same color......they were a bit cheaper at $5 a piece but I still didn't really like them. Sooooo, I had a wonderful brainstorm laying in bed one night and got to working on it a few days later. "
Cute Modge-Podged Scrapbook Paper + Coaster Creation from Jennifer's Moms Nurturing Moms night.
Now for her Ah-Mazing Idea...
These stands are made out of Drum Roll Please...Toilet Paper Rolls.
Ah-Mazing right!!
I will let you all read her blog about this project which you can find HERE to get the full details, but here is the gist of the project in pictures!

Here she is tracing the outline of her stand (both sides) on the back of her scrapbook paper.

Then she modge-podged the paper to the rolls, let it dry and ta-da!

"This was my first creation straight from my own brain and I'm pretty pleased with how well they turned out. I have to say that y'alls blog was my inspiration. Seeing y'all and so many people willing to forge ahead, even if the outcome was less than desirable, made me want to try new things. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist and when my creations don't look the same in real life as they did in my brain, I tend to get discouraged. Not anymore. I have a LOT more creations budding in my brain, just waiting for the right material and the time. "
Uhm I love this. I am always begging my siblings to send me their little one's art creations and these would be PERFECT to display them (my fridge gets crowded quickly lol). Jennifer does mention on her blog that they aren't super sturdy, so I wouldn't try displaying a decorative dinner plate or anything similar on them. However, these are a perfect solution for small things like this, and you can customize them with any scrapbook paper imaginable! I was thinking some of the textured paper would be really cool, or perhaps the metallic paper?? The sky is the limit here!
Thanks for your Straight From the Brain Creative Moment Jennifer! I love it!
Happy Tuesday all!

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  1. Thanks ladies! The things you can use these for and the way you can personalise them are endless!


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