Monday, April 21, 2014

A little Mix it up Monday for Everyone

A little something for everyone today:

For superhero movie junkies:

For those with a twisted sense of humor:
For those who appreciate clothes with tips:
For those who have homework:

For P&P addicts:

For those who need a smile:
For those who need to separate eggs, hehehe:
For those who just want to be a Disney Princess:

Happy Monday everyone! Bust a Move and make today Awesome!


  1. I am having wild bird on a stick longing. And, I am not anywhere near to being a princess of any kind.

    I am adept at avoiding conflicts, but when one happens I fully intend to resolve it with a hug. I really, really am.

  2. GROSS!!! the egg one made me gag

    the others are great!

  3. Marquette, these are so brilliant!

  4. Oh my gosh! Once I saw a butterfly, held out my finger, and it landed on it! I think that counts. I might be a Disney princess!


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