Friday, February 1, 2013

Sugar Wax and Cracked Glass

Fair warning men this post is about shaving legs!!
So I know I can't be the only lady out there who's least favorite thing in the world is shaving her legs. Don't get me wrong I still shave everyday because I hate the way it feels if I don't but it isn't the high lite of my day for sure.
There are a million different things out there to get rid of that pesky leg hair, and Jasmine tried one that she found on Pinterest. This pin definitely didn't go her way though!

The Original

So the original uses sugar, lemon juice or vinegar, and water. She says you can combine all to a boiling point and you don't need a thermometer because it is ready whenever you drop it into ice cold water and turns into a ball. However I would probably use one if you had it on hand. She says you then put it into a clean glass jar, let it solidify and then microwave it until it becomes like a thick honey consistency.
This recipe worked wonderfully for the original blogger, but somewhere along the way something happened when Jasmine did it, and hers didn't go so well.

The Pinstrosity
What your seeing here is the sugar wax that cracked her glass container after she microwaved it, it then preceded to get all over her glass top oven. Then it hardened to a rock like consistency. Bad business.

"[I]...microwaved the mixture, took out dangerously hot glass bowl simply set it on the counter and watched it shatter into a million little pieces sending the gooey concoction ( that was the consistency of concrete and the stickiness of gorilla glue) all over the beautiful glass stove top hardening itself for impossible removement."

I think the problem here is that either the glass didn't get evenly heated in the microwave for some reason, or it may have had a small crack somewhere Jasmine may not have seen. Also a lot of times if a glass goes from really cold to really hot in a short period of time I think problems can arise there as well. From everything I have read those are the most common reasons for glass to crack in the microwave. 
Please keep that in mind when trying this pin, often times we get Pinstrosities where there is a warning we can give out, and I like to do so! If we have the option to make sure someone doesn't get hurt than I always take that option!
Please be safe DIY'ers!
Happy Friday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. Oh, I feel the pain with the glass stovetop. I boiled over jam on it once and damaged the stovetop getting off the sugar residue. Good luck!

  2. Wow, does that ever look like a recipe for trouble. You're right, a tiny crack in a re-used jar could cause this.

  3. Putting any hot container directly on a countertop seems a bit unwise. I always put them on a cork mat.

  4. Sounds like maybe the candy thermometer would be important here. Overboiling the sugar will create a hard ball when dropped into cold water too, but will turn to rock candy when cooled instead of soft ball which is what this needs.
    For those of you with sugar silidified on stove tops, I have found that boiling water helps. Make sure that your stove top is warmed before hand if you have a glass top so it won't shatter with the boiling water.

  5. My sugarist makes her own sugar for it and she uses plastic containers not glass for when she is microwaving it.

  6. Most likely the hot hot glass shattered because the counter was cold. What a shame!

    A hair dryer or some boiling hot water from a kettle might help get the hardened sugar solution off the stove. Good luck with that!

  7. Also, if the glass already has an imperfection, setting straight from the microwave onto a cold tile or marble countertop could cause it to shatter. Marble, especially, acts as a heat sink and drawing off heat too fast could cause glass to shatter. Always set anything hot on some kind of oven pad, not straight on a counter.

  8. It seems silly to cheap out by not buying a candy thermometer for something like this. It also seems to me that heating the resulting product in a water bath might be a better idea, the heat will be more consistent once it gets to temp and it's a little slower so your less likely to over heat it. Hot sugar syrup can cause some nasty burns if your not careful.

  9. Also you might want make sure you use a microwave safe container. Not just a random glass jar.

  10. It's important to cook the mixture nice and slow so it doesn't get too hard. Make sure that it's at room temperature before you microwave it, like wait until the next day. I like to microwave mine in 10-second intervals so it doesn't get hot enough to burn me. Finally, take heart--the mixture is completely water-soluble, so you can just leave a damp paper towel over the spill for a while and then wipe it off with lots of water! :)

  11. Good grief! The recipes I've seen (mostly on YouTube) have you pour it in a shallow tray to cool. It is used at room temperature with fingers only (no cloth strips), scraped out of the tray with fingers or a spoon, and pulled with the fingers if needed to soften it. My mother and I use it on our faces (yay lady moustaches...), and we use epilators on our legs (because sugar waxing takes more time and is messier).

    Also, stick with lemon juice. It makes the sugar wax smell nicer (and taste nice, if you use it around your mouth).

    I have had success cleaning up spilled sugar wax with lots of tepid water, so try that if you are worried that boiling water will crack your nice stove.

  12. Hahaha! I totally tried this!! I hate waxing, and I'm a Sugar Artist (though, admittedly a better CAKE artist hahaha #sugar dome "a dragon's tale") so I thought I'd give this a try. I have some experience with cooking sugar so I ignored the directions and used my past experience -- and it turned out well. I followed the Pin that uses 1/4 c lemon juice, 1/4c water and 2c sugar. FIRST i filled my sink with clean room temp water -- if you get hot sugar on your skin you have about one second to plunge it in water so you can pull it off. wear closed toe shoes too! I used a large pot on a large burner, stirred all together and cooked on medium hi (electric stove). After the sugar was boiling I didn't stir, just used a spray bottle with water to wet the sides of the pot to dissolve crystals. I cooked it to 330F then "shocked" it by placing the bottom of the pot in the cool water for 5 seconds. I dried the pot on a towel and immediately poured into a heatproof plastic (disposable Tupperware) container. I let it sit until I could touch the sides of the container for ten seconds, then stirred and used when it got to the right temp. It worked SOOO well... Never gonna wax again :-) btw if you get sugar anywhere just place a towel on it and soak the towel with water- you should be able to wipe it off easily in an hour. Easiest way to clean the pot is to fill with water, heat until boiling, then rinse.


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