Monday, February 4, 2013

Sock Snowmen

Reader Submission for the Pinstrosiversary Challenge:

 I think the hardest part of this pin was finding a single pair of long, white socks for sale instead of buying 12 of them and making an army of snowmen. I had a pair of argyle socks that I really liked, but that the toes had worn out of. My sister and I had bought a mountain of cheap rice in anticipation of making owl-shaped heating pads, which promptly went out the window when I realized I hate sewing and machines don’t make it any easier. So the no-sew snowmen sounded perfect. We hit a slight snag when we couldn’t find appropriate buttons for the eyes, but we found a huge tub of beads, including some that looked a little like coal. We also found long, thin, orange beads for the noses. After wrestling with the glue gun for a while and getting glue everywhere, we ended up sewing the noses on (one thing I can actually sew is buttons and beads). Our mom walked in about halfway through the process and said she was getting rid of some pajamas with star-shaped buttons, and asked if we wanted them. We got insanely excited and used them as little accents on the hats. My sister thought hers looked weird (since we sewed the noses flat, they kind of looked like mouths), so after we took the first picture she added a mouth with more thin beads. I think in the first picture her nose looks more nose-like because it’s at an angle, but it’s something to play around with and see how it looks. Anyway, they both turned out really cute and weren’t difficult at all – everyone should try this out.

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  1. I LOVE THEM! I must try these! They have such character, so cute.


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