Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nightmare Before Xmas Jack Skellington Face Ornaments

Reader Submission for the Pinstrosiversary Challenge:
So I had seen many pins for these, from etsy to others and I decided I wanted to have some myself. I love Jack, love the movie, but am on a budget. Besides, I had a bunch of those round colored ornaments that were scratched up and some white and black paint. And the motivation and craftiness of a unemployed bored as all get out woman. So I proceeded to paint a few white. Along the way I realized that the colored coating came off of some if you apply a layer of paint on them. So I would paint it and then touch up and the undercoat would come off. And I would wash off old paint and reapply to a nice shiny silver unscratched ball.  Which gave me other idea's and different pins...I digress...

After that was done, I drew, yes drew, the faces on with a pencil. I was crafty but still a perfectionist. And if I did not like the shape I erased and re drew it. Good news is if you let the painted balls sit for 2 days, if you erase softly the paint does not come off. Some use the paint IN the ball, but transparent balls were not easy to come by and def not cheap. After that, I used a teensy paint brush to color in the drawn eyes and nose holes and freehand drew the mouth.

All in all they went ok. I like them, my friends do and I have decor for both my Halloween and Xmas parties. Plus, I leave them up in my craft room all year since I love Halloween. Cheers!

Original pin

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