Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Too Much Bling??

Anyone wondering what happened to Monday posts? School happened that's what. Boo. I have been slammed the past couple of weeks and am lucky if I get a post up on Wednesday and Fridays. I spend so much stinkin' time on school papers by the time I sit down to do a Pinstrosity it is so nice to not have cite books, spell ridiculously long words (evapotranspiration anyone?) and worry about pleasing a persnickety professor I just feel relaxed writing for Pinstrosity. It's great! Another thing that is great is that Marquette and I have a new plan implemented for our Mondays that will feature some fun different stuff that we think will start your week out right :) Stay tuned for that coming soon!
Another great thing...Bling. I love it, you should all know that by now, and well so does our friend Serena (great name, anyone think Gossip Girl here? I love it!). 
Check out today's Pinstrosity? Piniocre? Pinaverage? Pinmedian? Ah well we are still working on it...

The Original
This is from someone's Pinterest, I believe it is a personal photo (phone maybe?) Anyone know the original crafter? We love to give credit where credit is due!

The Pinstrosity

As the title suggests Serena thinks this may have too much bling...let's here what she has to say:

 "So we all like the shiny, we all love the blingy. Sometimes, making stuff is not always the best route. And things are not always what they seem on Pinterest. I bring you, my wall initial fail... So I was out thrift store shopping like I do and saw this S. My first name is Serena so I thought, awesome. It was striped, but no big deal, nothing paint can't cure. So home again home again I went. Painted it white, gathered some little shiny baubles and left over bits from my recent wedding and went to work. And promptly hated it, so what do you do? You add more stuff to cover the ick. “This looks plain, this is a bald spot, ohhh that isn't sparkly enough"....
So the reason behind why I think it is a mid- fail? It's too “busy” and too mushed up, in my opinion. But I hang it in my craft room and laugh when I see it. Because lets face it peeps, they can't all be a win, right?"

There are a few main differences I see here:
1. The M is much larger than the S. While the S is generally a harder letter to do these things with, curves and what not, the size definitely has something to do with it. The larger the letter the more baubles you can fit on there! 
2. What kind of baubles you use. The original used old earings, broaches, and shiny beads. Serena used mostly fabrics,silk flowers,and pearls. This will certainly set a tone for your letter, and this just seemed to set the wrong one for Serena's letter. 
3. Arrangement is also something to consider. Play around with how you set things on the letter, make sure you absolutely love the set up before you glue it down. 

I don't want to be misunderstood as saying that the baubles Serena had were bad, it is just they aren't quite the right look for this project if she trying to do something more like the M. 

Projects like this generally take a long time because as I talked about in a recent post sometimes you need to hold your breath and wait for the right supplies as opposed to getting impatient and just using what you have on hand. Patience dear crafters, it will be the death of us!

Anyone have any good resources for fun bling? Let us know, we love your feedback!
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!
 P.S.  There is NO such thing as too much bling. Ever. ;)


  1. Ilike Serena's, but the M was only shades of Blue, where the S has yellow and purple. Doesn't feel as cohesive, but still pretty!

  2. Pinizzle (pin + fizzle) - it's not wrong, it just fizzled out.

  3. Funny. I much perfer the "S" to the "M"...even though there are multiple colors, I like that it is "weighted" and that there isn't dead space around all of the items. It looks finished.

  4. I think it's cute! Agree with Laurie, part of the issue is that there's more than one colour in Serena's S, it makes it look quite busy. I prefer the S to the original pin. :-)

  5. You want to know where to get good, cheap bling? You cannot go wrong with 'The Bosses' Bead Bag' from Fire Mountain Gems in OR. It's a pretty large grab bag full of beads in plastic, wood and glass,& metal findings that include really nice filagree pieces. A bag is like $7.

    This project doesn't look that bad at all and I like that she put the stuff on the bottom half; it would be too busy if it went all the way to the top. Maybe she can try to do one with the initial of her married name.

  6. Thanks everyone! And I am so stealing Pinnizzle. Not quite a fail, just a fizzle. Fantastic, I love it!

  7. See, I think different than everyone else. I think it would look awesome finished. Maybe if there was less product on the bottom curve of the S it might give it more of a defined shape. I like it much better than the original pin.

  8. I like Serena's S much better than the original M as well. I like that there's no space in between the baubles and that she left the top bare. It looks like a Pin-Win to me!

  9. Yeah, I'd say there's nothing objectively wrong with it, and you might end up liking how it looks finished. But I'd suggest to others wanting to do this to try a test run by tracing your letter on paper and laying out your decorations - that way you can move them around, adjust white space, etc. before committing.

    I prefer the M, but only because I feel the scale and proportion are better. That's just my taste, though. ;)

  10. I prefer the S to the original. I think the large purple flower is a little much, but overall, I think the M doesn't have enough bling.

  11. I agree with other commenters, I prefer the S. I like the bling at the bottom, with the biggest stuff being at the very bottom, and then it just seems to transition into the top. I think it's prettier than the M.

  12. I so love this S vs the M (tho I am a blue lover!!)
    the weight at the bottom of the S IS heavy and for me a WIN there; vs. if all the heavy was at the top! Maybe a few more SMALL pearls and a mini rosette flower on the top outer curve and 100% DONE to me!
    BTW reminds me of a winding path where you see all that is immediately in front of you (heavy) and the things further up are still out of focus and not clear.

  13. I really like the S - finish the opposite end with something weighty like the purple flower - I have sooo much old costume jewelry I sould give this a try

  14. Hi, new follower here.I do like the original better because the white spaces give your eye a place to rest & actually see all the details. I think Serena should finish by gradually tapering the amount of bling as she goes up & around the curve.
    BTW. , I just made a board the other day called " guess I'm getting old" & this should be on it. "Gossip Girl' was NOT what I thought of. Anybody remember 'Bewitched'? That's what I thought of.

  15. I liked it and thought it was creative. I think the biggest difference in the M and the S is that the M the "blings" are just more spaced out than on the S. But either way I really liked it. :)

  16. I love both the "S" and the "M". You can definitely see both of their creativity and personality through them! With the little "OCD" within me, I really want to finish the "S" for you lol. The only real thing that bothers me is the smallness of the "S"and how bunched up everything is on it, our trend to make it look a but gaudy. But other then that, this inspires me to make my own sometime soon! Maybe create "Mr. & Mrs." For my wedding coming up in June, I can do it with my wedding colors! Fantastic! I'm excited now!


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