Monday, February 18, 2013

Smore's Bark

Reader Submission for the Pinstrosiversary Challenge:
The original pin(s):

So today I decided to do a pin by picture. I know, that's never a good start to success right? Well, I actually came through with an amazing combination spin of "S'mores Bark" and "Marshmallow Bark". I didn't like the way the s'mores bark looked in the pin I found. Not enough chocolate for me. But then I looked at the marshmallow bark, and though that looked more like how much chocolate I wanted, so I combined the two in my head and added some Valentines Day fun to it.

Here's what I did:
1.) Put a layer of graham crackers down on a cookie sheet
2.) Cover the crackers in one even layer of mini-marshmallows
3.) Melt chocolate (LOTS)
4.) Pour and smooth chocolate over the marshmallows, making sure to get into every nook and cranny while also making sure all of the marshmallows are completely covered.
5.) Melt white chocolate
6.) Add pink food coloring to white chocolate AFTER you have finished melting it.
7.) Put the pink-white chocolate in a plastic bag and cut the tip off to use it as a piping bag and drizzle all over.
8.) Add red sugar sprinkles (optional)

Word to the wise when coloring chocolate, ONLY ADD FOOD COLORING AFTER IT IS COMPLETELY MELTED! I wasted two cubes of white chocolate with this step. I really wish I had thought of taking pictures of this. I use gel food coloring because I think it makes the colors turn out more vibrant. Well, thinking that I would have a hard time mixing in the food coloring, I thought I would halfway melt the chocolate, add the food coloring and mix it up a little, then finish melting it. WRONG. The food coloring cooked and crystallized into sugar, turning my white/pink chocolate into a gooey mess. Also, did I mention that melted chocolate is HOT? I tried to use a plastic spoon to stir it because getting cooled chocolate off of a metal spoon is a pain. I melted the spoon. (Sorry, no pictures of this either) Anyways, I threw out that yucky, sticky, plastic melted mess and started over with my white chocolate. I melted it completely, THEN I added the pink food coloring. Problem solved!

In the end, I love this stuff. It's like a delicious chocolaty crack. I hope my boyfriend loves it as much as I do when I give it to him, because I burnt too many fingers on melted chocolate.

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