Monday, February 4, 2013

A Case of the Mondays

Reader Submission for the Pinstrosiversary Challenge:
I've never had a problem with Mondays really.  I used to work with ladies that hated it... not in word necessarily, but in deed.  However, yesterday, October 8th proved to be one bad case of the Mondays.

SO, in positive news, Jeff started his new job on Monday!!  He is the Career Counselor at a place that helps train disabled adults for job placement.  At least, that's that I THINK it is.  Anyway, on his way to work he was driving slowly over a speed bump in the parking lot, and some moron, without looking behind him at all, backs right into Jeff's car, and then looks back like it's Jeff's fault!!  Jeff was flustered, and didn't want to be late to work, and they were both going really slow, so he just left without stopping to talk to him at all.  

So, work was great, and Jeff was telling me about it while we made dinner.  We decided that this week would be Pinterest week - all of our dinners would come from Pinterest (because when do you even do ANY of that stuff, anyway?  I felt like we needed a designated time).  So Jeff sat down this weekend and went through my pinterest "Dinner" board, wrote out our menu, AND planned out the shopping list.  The menu for that night was Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Sounds delish, right?

*Please note - The rest of this post gets a little descriptive, and includes photos.  It's not too bad, but if you get squeamish at the sight of blood or bodily ailments, turn back now.

The avocados were a bit hard, but I cut them open, and while I was scooping out the easy half with a spoon, Jeff used the knife to get out the pit.  The first one was easy - He stuck the knife into the pit, it stuck in, and the pit came out easily.  So we tried it again with our second avocado - I cut it open, then gave the pit-half and the knife to Jeffrey to take out while I scooped out the other half.  So I'm scooping, and... well, I'm not entirely sure what happened.  I didn't hear him gasp, and he didn't scream or anything.  He threw the avocado onto the counter and turned around away from me really fast.  So I look, and all I see is his back, and big red drops of blood hitting our white tile floor in spurts.  I probably ask some stupid question like, "Are you ok?" and I'm freaking out a bit because he keeps squirting blood all over!!!  Jeff says we should probably call 911 because he cut himself pretty deep.  I ran and found my phone (after a little fumbling around) and was trying to think about where the closest Hospital even is, and can't think of even one!  So suggest we just go to the Urgent Care that's about 5 miles away that Jeff went to last week because of some things (hmmm... maybe I should have blogged about that?  It wasn't a big deal though).  There was all this blood on the kitchen floor, and I just don't want it to stain, so I grab two paper towels and start trying to clean it up, and Jeff, just as nice as possible, says to me, "We should probably go, like, right now.  We can clean that up later."

So I grab a clean hand towel... and my chapstick... and my camera... (I was definitely in shock, and not thinking entirely straight) and we hurry down to the car, and I'm driving as fast as I can through all of these stupid stoplights, and took us twice as long as it should have.  We tried to keep conversation light, but Jeff is bleeding onto this hand towel, and it just hurt so bad, and I'm just thinking the worst...  so we said a little prayer in the car on our way that Jeff's hand would be ok, and that he would have full use of everything, and that we would both be able to keep calm.  that last one was a good idea, because there was a few times I was almost freaking out and almost started crying, but I just needed to be the strong one, because HE was the one who was in pain!!!!!

We ran into the Urgent care and they got us back pretty quickly.  Here we are, awaiting in the room!

Here is the hand after the lady cleaned him up a bit.  After that the doctor came in and stuck a needle into his palm to numb things up.  I think that was the worst for him.  The cut bubbled up a bit with all of that liquid in there... She had to stick him with the needle about 4 or 5 times, and the worst part is that he still could feel it!!  The third stitch they put in him it was as if they hadn't even numbed it at all!!

Here was our kitchen floor when we got home.

Gosh, that sure doesn't look like very much in this photo... It seemed like much much more when it was squirting out all over my kitchen.  But remember too, that all of that should still be in his body.

I cleaned it up when we got home so Jeff could rest and sit on the couch and drink some water (He'd lost a lot of blood and I didn't want him to pass out), and I found dried blood on the refrigerator, the wall, the sink, the table, and on my hardback copy of "The Help."

Sometime when we were waiting for a medical professional to come aid us, we were talking about dinner.  I did NOT feel like going back to those Avocados, so I told Jeff we could go wherever he wanted - Wendy's, DelTaco... Heck, I even told him we could go to Red Robin if he wanted!!  But then he pointed out that the dried blood on his feet and clothes might be a bit disturbing for some... so instead we went home, pulled up Psych on Netflix, and ordered this:

 Thank goodness tor Pizza Hut!!!

After reading and praying that night, Jeff and I were laying in bed and he said, "You know, three stitches and a dented car... and it was still a pretty good day."


They wanted me to change out Jeff's bandage.  Here's is the wound 24 hours later:

It still gives me the Hebes just looking at it. 

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  1. So glad it wasn't worse. Hope it heals quickly and well. I usually freak out after we get home and know its all over. Then I cry and shake. That stuff always happens fast. so glad it will be ok.


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