Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mirror Mirror, on the Wall...

...who's the fairest of them all?  Not me today. I'm nearly at the point of shoving tissues up my nose, and that is NOT attractive.

I got all snuggled into my comfy chair in front of the computer this morning, all set to get to work; I have my blanket my aunt made me when I went to college wrapped around me, the electric heater at my feet, the phone nearby so I don't have to unwrap and dart across the house if it rings, Pandora serenading me, and my  store brand Dayquil just kicked in (I love when I can feel the exact moment it kicks in...doesn't happen often, but the times it does is fun). Everything seemed set for a warm and comfy sick day at home (if a sick day can be called comfy), and then I realized with horror as my husband drove down the driveway to work...he has my whole big bag of cough drops in the car with him. I guess I'm doing hot honey lemon tea all day today (ew). 

So while many people right now are looking through these pins on Pinterest...

...I am going through these pins:

They just aren't as fun or exciting as all the craft/cooking/clothing/photography/home decor/etc pins...but oh well. 

One thing I can be glad about (I'm reading Pollyanna right now and I'm finding myself thinking up the "glad game" every now and then) with a sick day though, before he left my husband told me I'm not allowed to clean the kitchen or do laundry or anything like that...I'm to "take it easy." Now I can ignore my pile of dishes and full laundry hamper, and I won't feel too guilty when I sit and sew, or sort photos, or whatever I decide to do in-between the detox bath pin I think I'll test and the lovely nap with vapor rub towels on my chest/neck. 

Wow. That turned into a long intro for today's post. Don't you love what your brain comes up with when you're sick? I started into all of that because now that I have a day off and I'm banned from housework, I can work on the projects I've got going on for Valentines Day for Cameron. We don't do much for Valentines Day, it's just never been a huge "holiday" with us. We switch off who is in charge of Valentines Day each year. Last year Cameron made fondue for us for dinner. This year it's my turn and I'd tell you what I've got up my sleeve but Cameron usually reads my posts and I don't want to spoil the surprise. We'll see if I can get it all done and ready in time...I'm starting to run out of time. Jillian, our fantastic submitter for today, has also been working on Valentines Day projects for her sweetheart and ended up having to send one to us (I'm sure you'll see one or two of mine here after Valentines Day as well).

Here's what Jillian was attempting:

The Original Pin
While the original website shows instructions for doing the word art on a canvas, the caption on the pin on Pinterest said this: "Buy a mirror. Put letter stickers on it. Paint over the whole thing. Peel off stickers."

Jillian went the route of the Pinterest caption. Here's her story:

"I was trying to be creative and come up with a handmade but not tackily-girly Valentine's gift for my husband.  We're planning a trip to Paris, so when I saw this Mirror Print trick, I assumed I could make it manly enough to be appreciated, but use French song lyrics on it to make it personal."  

"I bought the mirror at the craft store, all of the stickers, and I painstakingly made sure I spelled all the French words right (and put the accents in the right places) as I worked to swirl the words around the mirror.  In the middle was a heart and '2013.'   I used acrylic paint and blotted it on top (with a sponge) so I wasn't dragging the stickers around and getting paint up under them.  I removed several stickers when the paint was still wet, but it didn't work well and it smeared a bit, so I decided to let it dry fully, worrying that when I tried to get the stickers off, the paint might pull up in big sheets and ruin it anyway.  Well, I predicted the future."

The Pinstrosity

Trying to find ways to fix her project, Jillian turned to the internet. "When I search for this, some of the other posts mention using spray paint instead.  Which is something that I did think of, but there was a lady sitting in the aisle in front of the spray paint so I just grabbed what was close.  Oooops!  If I were to try again with spray paint, I assume/hope my result would be more impressive.  Now I need 3 new sheets of stickers too (those French use far too many "u"s and "x"s)."

Spray paint will most likely improve this project and make it a little easier. If you don't have spray paint, or don't like spray paint, you can use an exacto knife to help cut out the letters and peel them up without pulling up all the paint, but it'll be pretty tedious. Whichever paint route you go though (but especially if you use acrylic paint), I'd use a sealer over the top.  

In my head, it seems like of lot of mirror "wasted" under all that paint, but I do like the idea of using a mirror. Now I haven't tried this at all, but I just had an idea...but I'm not completely sure how to make it work just right. It would be neat to use glass etching cream to etch the words into the mirror, and then have the rest of the mirror just be...well, a mirror. My first thought was to put the letter stickers down, spray paint over it, peel the stickers off, spread the etching cream where the letters stickers were, remove the cream, clean the paint off the glass and voila. But that sounds like a lot of work...and getting spray paint off the mirror would be a pain in the tush. Anyone without a sick brain see what I'm getting at and have an easier method? 


  1. yeah, I don't understand why you'd want the wording going around the edge unless the middle would be clear. maybe mask off a perfect circle in the center if you still want to use it as a mirror rather than art.
    that being said, I've made a bunch of these things with the stickers/paint and they always turned out great. used spray paint on glossier materials like art prints, photos, etc, and acrylic on canvas. dried just til I could touch it and letters came off with no problem!

  2. For etching - couldn't you just use stencils instead of stickers?

    1. This is what I was thinking. Or maybe get the clear frosted stickers, put them on and call it done?

  3. Ok um.. why would you want to cover a mirror with paint and only be able to see bits in the letters around the edge?
    When we did this for my friend's daughter's "princess" room, we used stencils and painted around the edge "Mirror Mirror on The Wall who is the fairest of the all?" and it looked really neat. But i still cant see why you'd want to cover the whole mirror?

  4. I agree on the "wasted mirror under the paint... I guess depending on the affect you were looking for, you could do two things...

    If you wanted the words to be in color or etched, I would think that using letter stencils would be the easiest way to achieve this.

    If you wanted to use the paint-over-sticker-letters method, creating a border (ie; scalloped)provides an aesthetically pleasing line dividing the mirror part and where you painted on the etching solution.

    I don't have "sick brain"...but does that makes sense??

  5. I've done this several times using thrift store art or blank canvas. I used stickers from the dollar store & spray paint each time I have made these. They have always turned out. I personally wouldn't waste a mirror on this project. the first one I made I kept, the rest have been gifts and I know they are actually hanging from ther recipent's wall because I've seen them myself!

  6. in the original, there were letters over most of the surface - and fairly big letters at that... so hung in a room it would give the effect of your life being reflected in the quote... kinda cool.

    For one where I wanted most of the mirror available for use, I would use a stencil. Either purchase one, or make one with a diecutting machine (if only I had a diecutting machine!). Then etch or paint the letters.

  7. I did this with canvas and it turned out great. Painted the entire thing yellow with acrylics, then put on the letters. Then painted it green and put on random strips of masking tape across the whole thing. Painted blue on top of it all. Once it dried, pealed everything off and it looks great :)

    I have mirrored closet doors in my house, and on one I have a cleaning list made with vinyl letters cut out from my Silhouette and stuck right on. Then I can check things off with a dry erase marker as I do them.

  8. I've been wondering how well this pin would work. Glad to see this. As for why to use a mirror-Generally the point of this kind of project would be to turn it into and art piece that reflects a bit rather than an actual mirror.I have a like 20 mirror squares that I used for my wedding that I'd love to do something like this with.

  9. Couldn't you use clear contact paper with the words cut out (maybe put the stickers on the contact paper to cut around?) and then paint or use etching cream? That's what I could do anyway.

  10. Don't do the homemade cough syrup pin (apple cider + honey + ginger + lemon). Seriously... if I had a picture, I'd send it to you for a pinstrosity. But, I wouldn't let my hubby snap me while I was gagging and choking. Awful - and it didn't help.

  11. Depending on the sticker sheet you have, you might be able to pull up the background of the sheet (that is, the part that isn't the actual sticker) and use it as a stencil! :) I've had mixed results from etching cream, but it might be fun to try with a mirror...

  12. To etch the mirror is actually quite simple. I did it as a teen. You need a stencil rather than the stickers. Then you tape your stencil on, and pounce the etching liquid on the glass. Let it set for the amount of time on the package. Rinse it off.

    Just remember, if you etch or anything on a mirror, there will be a ghost image especially if viewed from an angle. So etching may not show just like you are thinking.

  13. The link is for canvas, not a mirror. What am I missing?

    Love the idea of the chore chart on the doors.

  14. I did this for my sister for christmas. Since I was going to cover the whole mirror I bought a mirror from the dollar store and I used acrylic paint. I also used an exacto knife to help get the stickers off. It turned out really good.

  15. I originally did this with acrylic paint on wood. The trick is to do thin and consistent layers of paint. I had to do a few touch ups from paint bleeding into the sticker but nothing too fussy either.


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