Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lasagna Rolls

Reader Submission for the Pinstrosiversary Challenge:

The only modification I made to the recipe was to use gluten-free noodles. The kind I found was made with brown rice flour, and I found them to be more delicate than regular noodles. They shredded a lot, which if you’re making regular lasagna isn’t too much of a problem because you can just piece them together in the pan, but becomes problematic when making rolls. I managed to find enough that were somewhat intact to get the rolls together. The other issue was that while the recipe says this will make 9 rolls, I ran out of filling at 6. Another problem was taking a picture of my lasagna: in the pan, it just looked like a bunch of cheese over sauce. I took one of the rolls out and put it on a dish, and got this lovely picture:

Oh, well. The main point is that it tastes great and is not too difficult to make, as long as your noodles are in one piece. Just don’t expect it to be terribly photogenic.

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  1. I have made them with BOTH GF & regular. Make sure they are a bit UNDERCOOKED. They hold together better. I also add an egg & parsley to the ricotta. Then let it stand for 10 minutes covered in foil. It helps solidify it more.


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