Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Em's Favorite List and Links 2012

2012 has come to a close, and for Pinstrosity it has been one amazing year! We would like to thank all of our reader's, without you this wouldn't be possible!!Thank you for your support, your Pinstrosity submissions, and all of your encouragement! You make this blog possible!!

Here are a few of my favorites from the last year, and for those of you that are just tuning in, you have missed some good ones! For those of you who are avid Pinstrosity readers, well some of these are just too great to not see again, and there may be a few you forgot we had :)

So much like Oprah's favorites (minus the part where I give everyone in the audience a new car), here is my list for 2012!
(You can click on the title of the Pinstrosity to head over to the post in a new window)

This Pinstrosity was one my sweet Husband had some trouble with, this one involves a kitchen fire, and some good laughs.

Sadly another one from my house, and again this one has lots of laughs. What can we say, we like to keep it interesting!

And you guessed it, another one of mine. Do we see a trend here?

This comes from Marquette's summer of testing pins that seemed just too good to be true, wish I could have been there, bubbles are my favorite!


We had LOTS of feedback on these, seems a lot of people had trouble with this one.

As a cosmetologist I am usually partial to these ones :)


Another popular post, people love dried fruit!

Marquette is such a good writer, this post rings true, and now with a New Year it's a time for change! 
And the 101 Things is Marquette's advice on conquering hard to finish New Year's resolutions, she is so smart!!!

A 4th of July favorite.

This one comes with some safety warnings, have you read it yet?!

A 2012 trend, rainbow cakes!!

A baby shower beverage gone south.

This submission had some very fun people behind it, check it out!

This one had my father in tears! If you know my father, you know that is an accomplishment!

This one is about dead bugs, and well I don't like dead bugs ( I like live bugs even less), so I don't feel this is needs a picture. That would be gross. You're welcome.

Another 2012 trend, pastel jeans!

So I am posting 16 of my top picks, I was only going to do 15, but then they were all so great! I can't pick favorites, I like them all! Which is why we featured them in the first place! So if you guys like this, I can do another Em's Favorites List and Links on Friday and I can do 15 (16) more if you want. 
But I need your feedback, so let us know!
There are so many posts, if you haven't been with us since day 1 it's hard to get through them all, so a little refresher every now and then is great!

We are so happy you all shared this year with us! It has been a fun adventure for sure, and we look forward to 2013 and all the adventures that come with!
Happy New Year Pinstrosipeeps!!!

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  1. I've opened about 6 up in a new window to read! I have no idea how I missed some of these! Thanks for sharing. :)


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