Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cloth Mannequin Jewelry Holder/Pin Cushion

Reader Submission for the Pinstrosiversary Challenge:
Hi, I'm Serena. I am a housewife in San Diego and craftaholic. I like to find things in stores, online, or out and about and try to recreate them, just because I can. I want to say to sell them but I either hate them after or love them and hoard them (my precious's). But here is a lovely like item I have made to sell at the craft fairs this year. Here is the original pin, http://www.thediydish.com/2011/10/season-4-how-to-make-a-dress-form-mannequin-pin-cushion/. It is a DIY cloth mannequin jewelry holder/pin cushion. I think mine turned out rather well. I look forward to making many and hopefully selling some, if I can pry my hands off them. The original pin has a great tutorial, and I followed it to the letter. These are super easy and can be used for all kinds of parties, even as a takeaway. Make them in advance and have a girls night, either with kids or grown adults to stuff and decorate.


  1. thanks, I actually almost sold one to the guy handing me my order at Burger King...

  2. I love those!
    I don't do much sewing, but this project could make me break out the machine.

  3. it is really easy, you could even hand sew them while watching tv (I know some people knit or crochet)


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