Friday, January 11, 2013

Food Coloring Explosion!!

I am alive I promise! 
Every time I miss a post day I feel like I haven't posted in weeks! Then I feel terribly guilt ridden and I have to remind myself that, well, sometimes other things in life happen and you just have to make the best of it. 
I added a lot of other "life stuff" this week, but the big one is: I am going back to school! Today was the big first day!
 Yep, it's back to school for Em and it has been all brain consuming the last few days getting everything put together in time, so it is nice to take a break and Pinstrositize!  
Thanks for being patient with me Pinstrosipeeps!

I have an awesome winter activity chuckle for you from Mike! Yay for crafty dudes!

The Original

Ice balloons!! Fun huh?!

Now I know those look AWESOME, and I have seen them on every Pin Board EVER, but I am not entirely sure what you do with them other then decorate? 
Snowman bowling?
Snow Bocce?
They don't seem that they would be sport friendly. They are obviously solid ice so that is a major no go, which means winter dodge ball is out of the question. I can just hear my brothers and nephews groaning "Awe man, you're taking all the fun out it!" Haha. 
Anyway, these fun winter "marbles" are made by just putting water and food coloring in a balloon, then freezing, and then you cut away the balloon after they are all frozen! The original blogger suggests using black gloves (the cotton stretchy kind) when taking them out of the balloon because as they start to melt they get coloring on everything.

The Pinstrosity

Mike said they were filling the balloons at the sink, with the coloring already in the balloons, when the balloon on the faucet broke.
 Been there done that.
 Only I did it with just water, and outside, in the summer, when it's warm. 
This is a bit different.
Mike says he kept his cool though, pun intended and that most of it cleaned up easy, and he only had to treat a few spots with the Magic Eraser. He didn't even murder anyone! What a cool craft dude. 
Red dye makes me angry in general, so I probably wouldn't have been as chill. 'Nother pun intended, are you sick of them yet?

The key to this is to have two people in on this project: one to fill, one to put the dye in the balloon after the balloon is filled, and I might do this in the sink so that if something does happen (see above) then you are over stainless steel and not carpet. 
Oh that would be a nightmare!
*Flashbacks of spilling strawberry slushie on white carpet...cringes.*
I would also suggest not filling them to the brim (for tying purposes) unless you are prepared for dye all over your hands and kitchen. Just something to think about when filling them up.

As kids my siblings and I used to put food coloring in our milk. Mom was always so adamant that we keep our "magic milk" in the kitchen. Looking back now I can't imagine why ;)

Well Pinstrosipeeps have a great weekend!


  1. We made these before, here's a suggestion, mix the food coloring and water in a pitcher, put a funnel in the mouth of the balloon and pour in the colored water. If you can tolerate the cold, this can be done outside, it's a little difficult to tie them off with gloves on, but it's great to have a wonderful hubby who's willing to risk frostbite for his children's art! lol Don't fill it all the way to the top, it's easier to tie them off without making your hands, clothes, kitchen, family pet, etc..looking like a rainbow exploded. I've learned the hard way when working with food coloring...make sure white dog is outside and white cat locked in basement, trying to explain to the pet groomer that you were making a red velvet cake and your pets were not in a bloody brawl...OY...her face was priceless! lol

    1. I feel almost badly laughing at the expense of your pets, but oh, my, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day!

  2. If you put salt between the balls you can kind of melt the ice and stick them on top of each other-and make an iceman(rather than a snowman) and decorate it. Just don't color the ice if you plan on dressing up your iceman with scarves and hats.

  3. We made these and poured the liquid into a bowl and put outside upside down so they looked like bubbles. They were lovely until they melted and stained everything they touched. We have rainbow wooden flower pots now.

  4. I did this one with Blue. they were decorative and fun. Patience (ie no rushing) was the key for me!! here is the result :

    ok, fine i don't know if that will even work, but I will also say that yes they melted. Fortunately, my hubby sealed our concrete porch before the snow started :-)

    Love the blog, glad I found you!!

    1. Add drops of food color directly into the balloon then fill with water. Made 30 of them about 3 weeks ago. I didn't take the ice balls out of the balloon casing for 2 days and they turned out great!


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