Saturday, January 26, 2013


I woke up to low gray clouds covering the sky, muted light, and the sound of rain on the roof...and it just made me smile. There are not many days like this where we live. The only thing that would make this better would be if they were big fluffy flakes falling from the sky (I'm not normally a fan of snow after New Years, but we haven't had a single good snow I'm good with a big snow before everything warms up for good). In honor of the beautifully rainy day, I thought I'd do two posts...a Pin Win and a Pinstrosity. First...the Pin Win. And, I found the perfect one for a rainy day, submitted from England. 

The Original Pin
Picnik collage
Aren't those cute? I love them. I've never owned wellies...or rain boots of any kind. There just isn't much point here. My parents and brother now have them, but they use them when they go down to the barn to feed the calves. 

Deb saw this pin and knew that she needed these in her life. "I already had the wellies & the ribbon so that was ok, then had to borrow the eyelets & things to make the holes from my amazing DIY dad.  Did the borrowing, got the scissors out, realised I have absolutely no strength whatsoever & so had to take the whole lot back to my dads to sort out for me! By the way I'm 29 so clearly should have been able to do this myself!" 

The Pin Win

"I'm so impressed by how they've turned out & I completely love them! I guess though that this should be my dads pin win but I'm claiming it for myself!! Ps. He even had to tie the bows for me!!!"

I love seeing simple ordinary things spiffed up to add personality and character. It just warms my heart. These make me want to go find a puddle and jump in it. Today is going to be a good day, I can just feel it.

Come back later for today's Pinstrosity! And don't forget to check out our Pinstrosiversary Challenge and enter your project in!


  1. Darling wellies! Well done you!

  2. Does it make them easier to put on? I want rainboots but my chubby calves make it difficult to put them on and take them off.

  3. The ribbon on those is going to be a problem the first time they're worn!!! The ends of the ribbon needs to be fixed so it doesn't fray. The best way is to take a lighter (or other small flame) and run it along the cut edge of the ribbon. This will keep it from fraying. Cutting it an a 45 degree angle (like the "v" cut, but has to be deep enough) will reduce fraying. A product like Fray Check can help too, but distorts colors on some ribbon. I recommend practicing on ribbon scraps so you don't scorch a finished project.

  4. Oooh! This might be a good solution to my gigantic calves problem- I have yet to find a pair of wellies that fits! :(

  5. LOVE these...I pinned this quite some time ago hoping to find a pair of boots at a yard sale or thrift shop but no luck so far...they turned out so cute! Followed the link in the Pinstrosiversary Challenge to find you...


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