Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Upcycled Pinterest Trends

Today all creativity to write completely escapes me! So today I give you a post about my favorite Pinterest Trends as of currently...I know it might seem lame, but there are just days where writers block gets the best of me. My apologies, hopefully I can inspire you for our Pinstrosiversary Challenge which you can read all about in the link above! 
So get craftin' Pinstrosipeeps!
This post is also mostly stuff that you can recycle out of things you already have around, or that require very little to no supplies for you to buy. I love this because being a Environmental Sustainability Major, lately it's all I think about, so this is a great post to think about what you can craft with things you already  have laying around. Which we also talked about in this post

Emilee's Favorite (Current) Pinterest Trends 
(That Happen To Be Upcycled)

First up, Maps!
 My house is COVERED in maps, globes, anything that resembles the aforementioned objects. I LOVE them, currently I have four globes just in my living room, which seems like a lot, but I make it work no worries.

Next Up: Upcycled Pallets as Furniture
 They are not only cheap but are easy to find, and then they aren't just thrown away. 

The one above gets installed in my house next week, I'm stoked! Pictures will be coming soon!

More Furniture out of upcycled wood, this time wood crates.

I actually had this one (above) in my house before I ever saw it on Pinterest, score! I used to work at a steakhouse and they got their corn in these type of crates, I asked my boss if I could take the empty crates home,which confused her..."You want the garbage?! To decorate your house?!" Hey, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure! And now they are in my living room! Free stuff rocks!

Corks are another recent popular trend... just like Marquette talks about here!

I know this one (above) is with wood, but at first I thought it was corks,and I kind of love that idea! I am going to do this one soon too! This one is originally $300 or so bucks from my other lover Anthropologie  but with corks, which I can get here at the antique store for a gallon baggie for $3 I can do it for MUCH cheaper, especially since I would cut the corks into slices.

So is this something you guys like?!
 Or is this just more of the same stuff you see on Pinterest...let us know! We love your feedback!

 Have you taken one of these pins and used it for inspiration like I have?! I LOVE Pinterest as a starting point, I see maybe one idea I like the feel of and then let my brain take off from there! Before you know it my house is covered in maps,pallets, peacocks, nautical themes, and glass bottles ( I don't have kids yet which makes this idea feasible for now) and all of it I either got for free, at thrift stores or at garage sales. I love it! 
**I would also like to mention ALL of these are pins from my personal boards,and I get a little territorial with my pins. I don't like the idea of having the  house next to me look exactly like mine, so the fact that I am sharing this with you means I love you all very much. Now that I think of it however, it feels stupid to feel that way in the first place, because it is on Pinterest and literally hundreds of other people have the same things on their boards. Sigh, time to let that worry go Emilee. You have more important things to worry about than silly Pinterest. Isn't it funny the things we can get caught up in?!**

I hope you all had a great Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps! Today was crazy for me which is why I am posting so late, but I should have one up Friday morning no problem! 
Don't forget to watch for Marquette's post tomorrow!


  1. I created my own art from an old atlas I had lying around. You can check it out on my blog:

    BTW-I love your blog!!

  2. I'm gonna be a huge bummer here and remind people that in MOST PLACES when you see a big pile of pallets lying out, they are going to be picked up and returned to the place that delivered them. If you take them you are stealing, and the person who owns the company/store will be charged for the pallets. You are literally taking money from someone when you take pallets. Now, this isn't true in ALL areas, but it is in most. So PLEASE check with whoever is "throwing out" pallets. Many urban areas have pallet recycling places where you can pick them up for pretty cheap and ULine sells them (in bulk, not chemically treated) for pretty cheap as well.

    Additionally, pallets are frequently treated with formaldehyde and methyl bromide (here's a little more info, which are pretty toxic. So watch for the codes stamped on the pallets to see if they're treated with chemicals or with heat.

    1. Brigid, you have a good point, a lot of businesses do leave them outside for pick up by a company truck. I would like to assure you however that I got my pallets from my Husbands work (a furniture store), who he got permission from to take the pallets. There was no stealing involved on our end. Also, we checked with the company and our pallets had not been treated with any chemicals. That is something to consider however. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Just as an FYI, the original image for the pallet bed comes from

  4. Check craigslist for free pallets! I see them on there all the time in my area. Also, the original link for that coffee table made out of crates is

    Thanks for the inspiration! I'm loving corks and the rustic pallet look right now too.


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