Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Molten Rainbows

Ever wondered what a volcano would look like if it spewed rainbows rather than lava? Here, check it out.

Now you know. This is today's Pinstrosity. And it's a Throwback! We've seen this project on here before.

The Original Pin
Rainbow cake in a jar. Mmmm. Taste the rainbow of awesomeness!
Or maybe not. Looks like a Leprechaun tasted the rainbow a little too much. Rainbow hangover? 

Emily (not to be confused with Pinstosity's Emilee who also loves rainbows, as well as cake, unicorns, the color mustard, peacocks, etc., and who will be returning to blog-land in the near future) sent us the video above along with her story. "I discovered Pinterest not long before my son's first birthday. I had a blast pinning ideas and making a plan for his fun party. I decided to make a cake that looked like his stacking ring toy. It turned out great. What didn't turn out so great was what I tried for the rest of the cake that the guests would eat. I saw a fun pin for making rainbow cakes in a jarI saved a bunch of baby food jars and knew everyone was going to be really impressed when I pulled out these great little cakes. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Yikes!"

The Pinstrosity

"This was a total disaster. If you look closely, you can see that the jars spewed their contents from the center. I thought I might be able to salvage a few since the outside baked and looked ok. The problem was that the center was empty because it all came flowing out of the jarI ended up scrapping the idea and making cupcakes instead."

Wait! Hollow rainbow cakes? 

*Deviating for a split second. Do you ever write out a word and have it look completely wrong, but can't figure out where the misspelling is, so you Google it only to find out you typed it correctly (even though it still looks wrong)? Hollow just looks wrong, like it's missing a letter, even though I know it isn't. Weird. Okay, back to the post.* 

Hollow rainbow cakes? If it's possible to clean up the rainbow spew and the outside of the jar I'm thinking to capitalize on this and fill that cavity with pudding or cream and have a cream filled rainbow in a jar. Mmmm. Perhaps though it was too hollow and there wasn't much of a cake "crust" left for that. 

How cool is all that? Rainbow lava and cream filled rainbow cake? Sounds yummy. But let's say you're not going for rainbow lava. Let's just say that you want a rainbow cake in a jar. How do you avoid making mini volcano's that would draw out the leprechauns? 

Emily says, "Looking back, though, I know what I did wrong. The key is to fill your jars only 1/2 to 3/4 full. That's what you do with a muffin tin and the jars are no different. I definitely over-filled them."

It's so easy to think more is better, but this is truly an instance where less is more. Don't overfill those jars! Overfilling can lead to rainbow lava, or unbaked cake in the center of your jar-o-awesomeness. 

P.S. Did you catch Cameron's awesome post yesterday? A HUGE thank you to him for covering for me. You'll be hearing more from him in the future. 


  1. Although the overflow must have been a bit of a pain to clean up, I like how it looks--molten, rainbow, lava!

    1. Yeah, I'm sure the dish-washing was awful... but it is fairly pretty!

  2. Was I the only one screaming "put a pan under that, it's on the stove"! Cleaning a pan is a pain but baked on oven cake is far worse.


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