Friday, May 30, 2014

Cream of Play-Dough Soup

Here in the U.S. we love our food. Well, actually I'm sure that's a global thing. If we ever meet an extraterrestrial race and they ask about earth life I'm pretty sure we could say, "We love food!". We love it so much in fact that we try to make everything edible.

Edible Jewelry
Edible Clothes

An Edible Pen

Edible (chocolate!) candles

Even Edible Spray Paint

So with all those odd edibles, why not make kids stuff edible? Darrow puts everything in his mouth. Everything. He discovered yesterday that he doesn't like the taste of dead moths (seriously, if there's anything weird or out of place on the floor, he will find it). Gross. When he gets older it'll be fun to play with clay with him, but I know that'll also go in his mouth. Since it's going in anyway, might as well make it at home and make it edible! 

Sam had the same thoughts and found herself a great edible play-dough recipe. It's edible, but it doesn't taste good so as to discourage your tot from scarfing it all for lunch.
The Original Pin

Sam decided not to go full blown with this project, which may have been a good thing: "I must admit that I changed the recipe a little bit. First off, I cut it in half {which should have worked, right?}. I also didn't add glycerin...but that was an optional ingredient. I had {almost} everything on-hand so I thought I would give it a whirl... a few minutes later and I ended up with this..."

The Pinstrosity
"It's more like cream of play-dough soup than actual play-dough!"

"To end up with my soup as pictured above, I actually added some oats, extra salt, and more flour. That was when I decided to give up and try a whole new me, there was no saving it! For those looking to make this play-dough in the future, I'm sure you could continue adding flour, or maybe with less water it could work. "

Did she let this get her down though? Nope! Check out her blog to get the recipe for edible Pumpkin Pie Play Dough!


  1. The original said to add the water in increments until it felt right. My guess is she added all the water at once to get it that runny. I'll have to give it a try and see what happens.

  2. I use that recipe all the time for my two year olds at work and it has always worked great. I usually end up using more like 1 cup of water though, so that is probably the problem. I dont' use boiling water, just warm tap water and I do use the glycerin, but don't add it until the very end, so I agree that that isn't the problem.


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