Wednesday, May 14, 2014

H.U.M.P. Day Braided Bun Blues

Hello all! I am back, but only for a moment though, lol.
I finish finals on Thursday, go out of town Friday-Sunday for some Bridesmaid duties, get back, do job training for a new job, get my tonsils out, then I start my new job after I am all healed up!! I am brainstorming on how I am going to make all that and blogging work, but I am not quite there yet, so bear with me please! I am doing my best! I just thought I would pop over and say hello to everyone, and share a pin and a few tips for one that has been making the rounds recently.

Kristy sent us this pin, and had a few things to say about it,
"This lovely pin has been going around Facebook and Pinterest for a while and my daughter loves her hair braided so we thought we would give it a try. I followed the pictures and even did some tutorial homework and read some reviews and tips. Then I sat back and laughed at my poor daughters head until I had tears in my eyes. I honestly don't know what went wrong. Maybe her hair is to short, thick, or layered but after several tries, we never got it done successfully. "
The Original/The Pinstrosity 

Tips and Tricks!
This was one of my favorite do's in Cosmetology School. It did take some practice though. Here are some things that helped when trying this style:

-Tension is a big thing here; if you pull it too tight it doesn't look like a bun. If it's too lose it also doesn't look like a bun and it falls apart.

-Layers. Depending on the length of the hair, the layers can be helpful (super long hair, with long long layers), or not helpful (short choppy layers on hair that isn't too long to begin with.).

- As with ANY hair pin, all hair is different, and with that all hair will or will not take to certain styles. Some hair might be too thick for this style, while others may not have enough hair to make this possible.

- Hair texture. My hair won't do ANYTHING unless it is slightly dirty (think the day after a wash). With other people however their hair might have to be straight from the shower clean or it won't behave. Figure out your hair, and go with whatever it seems to behave better with when you are attempting this. Personally, I might put a smidge (think like a pencil eraser sized) of smoothing serum (I like Paul Mitchell or Bed Head After Party. You can use whatever you like. Moroccan Oil might work well also) on my fingers. It just helps to minimize frizzies, help the braids hold together better, and makes it look more put together.

-Did I mention practice??? Practice, practice, practice. Go slow. Pay attention to where you pulling from and how tight you are holding everything. Maybe even try this on different people to get a feel for how different everyone's hair is; this will maybe help you notice if you are pulling to tight or not tight enough.

Good luck Pinstrosipeeps!! This is a fun summer look and if you start now, you will have this down just in time for June! :)

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  1. I didn't know this before, and I tried it on my sister in law this past weekend (she's the only person I know that has hair both long and thick enough for this!) and it worked! It did take me two tries, cause in the first one the french braided part was too close to the bun so you couldn't see it, but that made me wiser :P and in the second try I got it! I suppose one needs patience to do this right...


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