Monday, May 19, 2014

Mix It Up Monday: Road Trip Edition

Hey there! Darrow and I survived our road trip this past week and are safely back at home. This was a trip of a few firsts for me. First time dealing with the Texas Turnaround system with their intersections. That was weird. First time in an H.E.B. grocery store. I could live there. And, my first time changing a flat tire all by 10:30 at night...out on a lonely ranch road. It was creepy. But, it truly was a great trip.

So today, in honor of the road trip, I found a handful of road trip and Texas pins for you today. Enjoy.


Let's just say that a Geo Metro on Texas Freeways is scary and a little rough. My hamstermobile wasn't very appreciated on the Texas roads, lol.

Happy Monday everyone! 


  1. I live in Dallas and avoid the highways because of the hamster, the racetrac of, I hate these roads too!

  2. Enjoyed your post! HEB is pretty fun, but if you get a chance to visit a CENTRAL MARKET HEB, run there! Foodie Heaven!

  3. I call the Fort Worth area home, and I'm with Staci--Central Market totally rocks!!!

  4. What is that upside down road with "Only in Texas"? That can't be real...?

    1. Hamster wheel not real...but if you google a picture of the Dallas Mix will get confused on that mess. Swear these roads are nuts with I35E going South and 10 different roads changing names more than three times in less than 10miles as it passes thru 3 different cities. Grew up here and been driving this mess for over 20yrs...I still get lost!


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