Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Surprise: Cinco de Mayo Beverages!

Hi there Peeps,

Happy Sunday to you! Did any of you celebrate Cinco de Drinko... I mean.... Cinco de Mayo this weekend? I know its a big party weekend for a lot of people (and while I don't participate on a grand scheme, I come from a family of mean margarita makers, so I'm always up to a challenge). Pinterest sure has some delicious adult beverage recipes. I toyed with the idea of posting the ones that sounded good to me, but since we're a family friendly blog, I thought I'd keep it non-alcoholic (especially since Pinterest has so many good recipes for those kind of drinks too!).

1. Copycat Dole Pineapple Whips

Can we call this a beverage? It looks a bit like a soquid (solid liquid). No matter- talk about delish! Apparently, these beverages are originally brought to us by Disneyworld (I've never been, so I didn't realize)-- but oh my gosh! These look delicious! It's heating up here in Phoenix, AZ-- so this would be a welcome, welcome treat. According to Prudence Pennywise's blog, all you need to make these babies is canned pineapple, lime juice, sugar (of course), and heavy whipping cream. Count me in!

2. The Orange Pushup Smoothie

Moving right along, only another creamy delicious drink: The Orange Pushup Smoothie. Averie Cook's description reads "if you like Orange PushUps, Orange Creamsicles, or Orange Julius this is the smoothie for you." I do! I love all of those things! And! Bonus-- there's a list of adult beverages that can be added to this recipe, so it speaks to the whole family. I'm going to be taking Averie up on this recipe STAT.

3. Spinach Shots

The only shots that I'm going to be posting about today are spinach shots! Yum! I love when the recipe for something accompanies the image. Thanks to The Little Red House for this one!

4.  Virgin Sangria

This sangria sounds totally delicious! And, even better, look how pretty it is! Sangria is one of my favorite year round drinks, but it sounds especially good to me right now. Maybe this is what we'll do tomorrow and/or for Mother's Day??

And last but not least, a little life hack for you: 
5.  Making large ice cubes (with lemon) for pitchers! Genius!,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18ixdvcqxhsc9jpg.jpg
Seriously, how has it taken me so long to realize what a great idea this is!? The possibilities are endless! What if you cut something like this before freezing them?
Cucumber, orange, raspberry, mint! Ahhhhh!!!! All of the beverage options. I'm getting excited just typing this. I am seriously on beverage overload right now.

What kind of beverages are you drinking these days? Have you found anything good on Pinterest?! Though I certainly hope not, have you had any drink recipe Pinstrosities? Let us know!
Hope you all are well!

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