Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Cheer

I think the first 2 weeks of May are just about my least favorite of the year. Cameron's stressed with the end of the year pile up. Friends are stressed with their school pile up. Other friends are stressed because of their kids' end of the year school pile up. Everyone's tired. It's just a tense time of year. Does anyone else feel the tension in the air? I'll do my best to share some tension relieving pins for you. Here's what I've found on Pinterest lately.

A cat to cheer you up:

A perspective on this glorious spring weather:

Love Frozen? You'll get a kick out of this. Not a fan of Frozen? I think you'll still get a kick out of this.
A girl who just wants to swim:
An awesome selfie moment:
A feeling I think we can all relate to:

Something that happens to everyone...if we only knew how many "bad" photos there were for every selfie posted online.
This is something I've gotten in the habit of doing...only now it's such a habit that I do ever time someone is recording. I was at the luau for the university here in town and they were recording the event and the crowd mingling after the show. The camera man was panning the crowd and I made a goober face, only to realize too late that they could use those videos in their promotional material and that my goofy face could be sent out to tons of high school students. Oh well. They'll at least know that there's a high mature person who enjoys life that sometimes attends the community events at the school.

Chin up everyone! We can make it through!

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  1. hahaha, British skeletons. I actually spat my drink out on my keyboard for that one :)


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