Friday, May 23, 2014

Dadgum Cookie Cake

Well, I'm kinda stretching it on the Road Trip/Vacation theme today. I've done searches in our inbox and submission archives for the words "trip", "travel", "car", "plane", "vacation", "road", "snacks", "packing", etc. I can't find anything directly related to vacations in our inbox. So...I'll relate today's post by making it about Cars. Sort of. ;)

Erin, our awesome submitter for today, said, "I wanted to do a cars themed birthday for my li'l guy, but was having a trouble finding a cake I thought I could do (he is sensitive to red40 so I thought choosing 'Mater' might work better)."

The Original Pin:

Erin decided to do a cookie cake rather than a cake cake. "After mixing up cookie dough and laying it out on a cookie sheet, my husband meticulously cut out the outline of "mater".  Then we baked it..... and of course, out of the oven comes one big giant blog (I don't know what we were thinking) haha. But we just cut the cookie again, and used some icing to give him life.  I used the 'brown' of chocolate chip cookies to eliminate having to ice the whole thing.  I used this recipe ( to make the icing and the icing looked great but tasted pretty awful! We pretty much just ate the parts that weren't iced! haha"

The "Pinstrosity"

Dadgum! That's a big cookie. I love cookies. Can a yummy cookie be a fail? Not in my books. I agree with Erin when she said, "I was glad about how it turned out.. I'm sure it could've done a little better, but the amount of time put in yielded a good product I think :)". 

I love the idea of doing the cookie cake, that's genius. Again though, I love cookies.

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  1. I'm surprised that icing recipe calls for corn syrup. It's not needed at all for confex sugar icing. I even thought the vanilla extract i used in my icing was way too overpowering. Just stick with a tiny bit of milk or water and sugar. And all things considered the Mater cookie does look like Mater even if it didn't come out perfect.

  2. Powdered sugar, dried egg white powder, a tiny bit of vanilla and milk is all you need to make a really good cookie icing. I actually use regular egg white, but with the risk of salmonella, the dried ones are the safer route.


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