Thursday, May 15, 2014


What makes everything in life better? Bacon. Unless you're vegetarian...then I guess bacon wouldn't help you out much unless you like the smell of bacon and can find you a bacon candle. Ooh! Do they make those. I have to go check.

Look what I found! Bacon Candles!

There you go. Father's day? This may be the only candle a man might possibly be excited about. Or it'd tick him off because it's not real bacon.

But let's get back to the post.


Some like it. Some do not. I'm a recent convert to asparagus. It's so yummy pan roasted in garlic butter. Mmmmm. But you know what would make it even better? Bacon.

The Original Pins:

Now that looks yummy! Alisa and Danielle found these two pins and realized the genius of them. Bacon and Asparagus. Yes! Well...maybe no?

The Pinstrosities:

I think one of the keys to this is the bacon to asparagus ratio. Now I know for most of, when it comes to bacon, is this is the ratio we want:

Sadly, this ratio doesn't work great when it comes to bacon wrapped asparagus.If you scroll up and look at the pictures from the original pins, you'll see that they either, A. Wrapped one fat piece of bacon around multiple asparagus spears, or, B. wrapped a skimpy piece of bacon around one spear of asparagus.

Another thing that might help here is the cooking time. Obviously you want to cook your bacon until it is done, but at the same time you don't want to cook the asparagus until it's ready to fall apart. The more fresh your asparagus is, and the less dried out, the better this will work also; you won't have as shriveled up of spears after they are cooked.

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  1. My mother makes this and my kids love it! She uses precooked bacon so the cook time is shorter (and the bacon is less greasy), plus a low bacon-to-asparagus ratio. I do not care for it. Bacon? Good. Asparagus? Good. Bacon wrapped asparagus? Not so good. But again, my kids love it.

  2. I think I would partially cook the bacon first.

  3. I tease my fiance' that his man card is gonna be revoked b/c he doesn't like bacon or watching sports on TV! This looks good, but I love my bacon cooked to death, plus I only eat turkey bacon, so I bet the asparagus would taste just as good with the meat crumbled on it. Or maybe this wrap idea would work better with turkey bacon.

    1. This is what I do, and I prefer it to the wraps. If you want it to taste like bacon asparagus, you can cook the bacon first and use the grease to roast the asparagus and then top it with a sprinkle of cheese and the crumbled bacon. I prefer to roast my asparagus with a little bit of lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper (so it actually tastes like asparagus) and then top it with some sprinkled cheese and bacon bits. The tastes compliment eachother very well and you don't get shrunken, ugly asparagus!

  4. I think you could also half cook your bacon before wrapping the asparagus so that it's still flexible enough to wrap around the asparagus but has a head start on cooking so that the poor asparagus isn't murdered in the process of cooking the bacon. It sounds like an awful lot of work.

  5. you can also broil the wrapped asparagus in the toaster oven


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