Saturday, May 3, 2014

Your Show and Tell Projects

For today's Show and Tell Saturday I thought I would highlight some of the Pin Wins we have been sent over the past 2 years. We don't often highlight the Pin Wins we are sent (as we are "slightly" built around the idea of "pins gone wrong"), but we have some great projects in our inbox, and I feel a little selfish only ever posting up my Pin Wins. So today you get Pin Wins from your fellow Pinstrosipeeps!

1. The Pinspiration: Mouse Trap Magnets
The Pin Win:
Mallory said, "My friend and I found a pin for some magnets made from mousetraps. And we think it was a success!"

2. The Pinspiration: Bead Bowls

The Pin Win:
Andrea found the pin for the melted bead bowl, but as she doesn't speak Danish, she had to work off the pictures to get her Pin Win. She said, "I used cooking oil (canola) to grease a ceramic bowl, put in Perler beads in a single layer (making sure that none of the beads overlapped), and baked it in my oven at 200 degrees Celsius (so, about 400 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 4-6 minutes. After letting it cool for a while, I removed the bead bowl from the ceramic bowl and washed it under cool water, then again with soap and warm water to remove the cooking oil. A simple project, yes, but I've received a lot of compliments on it. This would be a fun project to try with children (with an adult supervising the use of an oven, of course)."

3. The Pinspiration: Spoon Mirror
The Pin Win:
Nicole said, "So here are my wall flowers made of spoons and mirrors from the Dollar Tree. I made 3 and each flower is made of about 90 spoons."

"I used a cardboard backing because in the original pin from Pinterest they had wooden circles. I didn't have those and I didn't want to spend the extra money to purchase them. So I got a stove top pot lid and traced out large circles on cardboard and cut them out."

"In the original pin they had nicely cut the spoon heads off and layered them on top of the mirror. Well I didn't have sharp enough scissors to do that so I had to snap them all of. OMG my thumbs were black and blue the next day!  Doing this though caused me to have to layer my spoons under the mirror."

"I had an extra can of blue spray paint and did about 3 or 4 coats of paint. The next day when it was nice an dry I then hot glued the mirrors on."

"I love the end product. On a scale of 1-5 on hardness it was about a 3. Only because of sizing and spacing of the spoons.   I plan to make more one day doing color gradients. Hope you guys enjoyed my version :)"

4. The Pinspiration: Rainbow Cupcakes
The Pin Win:
Becci said, "I thought I would say that I rocked it on this one - though it was time consuming :)"

5.The Pinspiration: Garlic Chicken
The Pin Win:
Lisa said, "Tonight tried a recipe that I found on Pinterest, and it was a total PIN WIN! The recipe was for Easy Garlic Chicken. Mine looked just like the picture, and it tasted great too! The recipe was so simple, and all I did was follow it exactly. Totally worth the try, and I cant wait to make it again."

6. The Pinspiration: Sock Bun

The Pin Win:
Heather said, "Hello there!!  :)  I saw your sock bun pin in the "to try" files on Pinterest today.  I wanted to tell you it works and it's awesome, but it takes practice and some finessing. I attached pics of my sock bun I did for my cousin's wedding back in April. I had an old knee sock that I never wore that I ended up using for my bun form."

"Basically you do it just like the picture shows.  Put hair in a ponytail.  Slide the sock form onto the pony tail.  Slide it to near the ends of your hair.  Roll and tuck.  Roll and tuck.  Roll and tuck...  In my case Roll and tuck...  Roll and tuck...  and a few more times.  You get the idea.  Add some pins and hair spray and you're good to go.  Now, the one thing I do differently is I flip my head over.  My hair is too long for me to be fussing with it over my head.  I let gravity help and for me, it's a lot easier for me to handle upside down." 
"Now I have to add that I am horrible at doing my own hair.  This (at age 35) is the first 'updo' that I've tried AND actually left the house with - let alone go to a wedding with.  I can't even get my hair to hold a curl for more than 30 minutes so this was a huge accomplishmentt.  If i can do it, anyone can do it.  :-D"
"It does take practice to have it look pretty.  I've started using this bun for around the house when I'm cleaning, or sometimes I'll put it in my hair before bed so I don't strangle myself in the middle of the night with hair.  It totally does stay in your hair without any pins - I don't bother pinning it if I'm home or going to sleep in it."
"I hope that helps.  I'm a complete hair-spaz and I pulled it off - pretty well too if i do say so.  :)"

7. The Pinspiration: Ombre Nails
The Pin Wins:

Kristi said, "Now, by some miracle I actually didn't fail at this. I'm very into nail polish (that's an understatement!) but nail art of any kind has never worked for me. I was surprised when I tested out a gradient and it worked! Following the tutorial on the website Makeup Withdrawal, I used wedge-shaped cosmetic sponges (which I bought at Walmart for about $1.50). I painted my base color, in this case it was Zoya Arizona (the orange that the original blogger used!), used a quick-dry topcoat and let it dry for at least 30 minutes. Then, on my sponge, I swiped my 3 colors, the original orange, then I used a pink by OPI called "Kiss Me On My Tulips" and finally I added a 3rd color, Zoya's "Kristi" (yes, I own a polish that has my name!). I just did three stripes, making sure to thoroughly "wet" the sponge, and then started bouncing it against my nail. Yes, bouncing is the only term I can use to describe it. I would move a few millimeters up and down to blur the line where they blended. It was super messy, I might add (in hindsight it works best to apply an oil or Vaseline type product around your cuticles for easy cleanup). It will be bumpy and not so pretty when you're done, but adding a coat of topcoat/clear coat will smooth things out and make it look awesome. I won't go into the specifics of "clean up" but Googling the "Meganchair method" should be helpful (basically, cheap makeup brush + pure acetone = clean cuticles!)."

"I've also repeated this with other colors, and loved this purple to black gradient:"
"I will admit, most people I've known to try this method claim to fail miserably. Maybe I just have some magic touch with gradients, but not any other type of nail art! Haha. Though, I would not recommend trying this with neons:"

8. The Pinspiration: Bacon Hearts
The Pin Win:
Caitlyn said, "After seeing the Bacon Hearts Pinstrosity, I decided that it had to be tried the following morning for breakfast. And seeing that it was my first official morning of vacation, I figured I deserved some bacon that loved me back. I was a little proud of my so-called Pin Win so I figured I had to share."

9. The Pinspiration: School Supply Cake
The Pin Win:
Farron said, "I made a school supply cake for one of my kids teachers. Even though I don't feel I didn't do it correctly. I still wanted to show off something that I have created that did look similar to a School Supply Cake."

10. The Pinspiration: Scrabble Wall Art
The Pin Win:
Khris said, "I thought this would be cool and simple to make. The link goes to a website you can buy each 6 x 8 tile for the hefty price of $12.95 each!! The whole project cost me less than $25.00."

"I wanted to surprise my mom with all the children and grandchildren' name in the scrabble format. It's not a game we played a lot growing up, but the idea was super cute! The 6 x 8 tiles where TOO big and TOO costly for me. I measured out the area that I was willing to use of this idea and came up with an area of 5 by 4 feet. I made the titles a lot small, 3.5 x 4 inches with a one inch space between each title."

"If you're wondering why I they came out to be 3.5 by 4, it's because I used a 1 x 4 x 4, which means I only had to cut the length of each title. One board gave me 13 titles; I needed a total of 48 titles. I bought 4 boards for $0.58 each. I had the black paint, but the clear acrylic was $3.99. The most expensive item was the backing, since I didn’t want to nail up each one. I added Command Stripes on the back and it was perfect."

11. Your Pin Wins:

We'd love to feature every single Pin Win we've received, but we sure can't do that all in one post! Good thing we have many more Show and Tell Saturday posts ahead! 

Have a Pin Win you want to share? Link up your blog post about it below. The link up will stay open until next Saturday's "Show and Tell Saturday" post!


  1. This was really cute. I like the idea of featuring pin wins from everyone on Saturday. :)

  2. Anytime you guys get stuck for a post, please repeat this. It was so much fun seeing the successes, especially the nail polish one, which I never believed could work.

  3. I love seeing people's pin wins!


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