Monday, March 3, 2014

Mix It Up Monday-Use It Up!

Happy Monday all!! Hope everyone had a fun, long, and refreshing weekend!
Welcome to Monday!!
For today's Mix It Up Monday we have a fun announcement!
We are giving you all a heads up for a segment we are doing called "Use It Up".
 For this project we will ONLY use supplies we ALREADY have in our possession for all of our projects from now until the week of April 6th 2014.
 In other words, if you would like to join us in our "Use It Up" month we will be only using the supplies we already own for all of our projects until Saturday April 5th at 11:59 PM (mountain standard time). 
We will be finding pins for supplies we already have, and when they are finished we will write about some of the fun things we made during that time and be featuring them for an entire week starting  Aril 6th.
We would like to invite all of our readers to join us!
We like this segment because it has a few fun things going on:
-We get to use stuff we have that may have been hiding in a closet for months.
-We don't spend money on supplies for a whole month.
-This project makes us think critically and get super creative
-This can sometimes get you out of a crafting slump.
-And it is just something fun and different!!
- And if you have an AMAZING project that you are just dying to do, this isn't forever...just one month.
We are giving you all the heads up now so you can pin, plan, execute, and then submit your work to us! These DO NOT HAVE TO BE PINSTROSITIES!! These can be Pin Wins, Pin Spins, Pinvestigations or anything in between...Use It Up week is a place to share what we were able to create using only things we had laying around the house. ANYTHING you have is fair game. We will be accepting "Use It Up" week submissions from now until April 5th at 11:59 PM, please title your submission e-mail with "Use It Up".
So join in, Use It Up and have fun!! We are looking forward to your submissions! If you have a "Use It Up" to submit you can go here to get all of the details on how to submit something to us! It's super easy and we LOVE hearing from you all!!
Happy Crafting!!


  1. But if it's food, it's impossible not to buy new ingredients for a month :)

  2. I'm a teacher and work with 3yr olds, today we actually started a use it up pin. We went around the school collecting old scrap paper just laying around, and are in the process of making our own handmade paper out of recycled paper. Our handmade paper will contain flower seeds, when the paper is all done and dried we hopefully will be able to plant them in spring and beautiful flowers should appear,SHOULD, lol. I'm a huge fan of your page and can't wait to submit our hopefully pin win to the use it up segment :) WISH US LUCK!
    From: Miss. Ariel and all the kids from the Boxcar room at Paddington Station daycare :)

    1. That sounds AWESOME! I can't wait to see the results!

  3.! This one should be fun, and I might even submit something!

  4. I might actually have something to contribute!! One way to avoid pinstrosities is to never craft, but I'm actually just finishing up a "use it up" project, so might as well....


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