Friday, March 14, 2014

Gloppy Pretzel Pumpkins (or Carrots)

Today we have a Pinstrosity that was submitted as a fall treat, but with Easter coming you can use it this time of year as well! 

The Original Pin is for making Pumpkin Pretzels, but because I spent 2 hours in Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw all the carrots in their Easter stuff I immediately thought they were pretzel carrots (I know...they aren't shaped right for carrots, but it works). 

The Original Pin:
Aren't those cute? I LOVE dipped pretzels. The sweet and the salty together make such a nice combination. When we lived in Tucson we were across from a store where we could get blueberry, raspberry, orange, vanilla, chocolate, or even chili flavored dipped pretzels and it was fantastic. I miss that. 

Lisa tried her hand at making these and ended up with a Pinstrosity.

The Pinstrosity:

Not quite pumpkins...or carrots. But I'm sure they're still tasty!

A few things here that might help you if you decide to give this one a try. 
  • The more orange you can get your candy melts the better. They are now making candy melts in all sorts of fantastic colors. Sometimes you can find a nice bright orange, and sometimes you find the lighter more chalky orange. If you can find the bright orange melting wafers, I suggest using those! They also make food coloring and dyes specifically for chocolate. Don't use your normal food coloring droppers for chocolate! It doesn't work well (I know this from experience). 
  • Add a dollop of shortening to your dipping chocolate. This will help to smooth it out a little and make dipping easier. 
  • Drop your pretzels in, and then use a fork to fish them out. This way you can kinda shake or tap off the excess chocolate before putting them on the pan to set. 
  • Placement of the M&M surprisingly can help make or break this. You want it at the very top of the pretzel in the "dip", but you want it so it is touching the pan, and not resting on the pretzel only. Does that make sense? 

What treats are you making for Easter?


  1. I actually thought the m&ms on the original were candy coated sunflower seeds. How awesome would that taste!

  2. When I do chocolate coated pretzels I use a meat/carving fork to dip them. It works awesomely!


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