Wednesday, March 19, 2014

H.U.M.P. Day - St. Patrick's Day Decor

Monday was St. Patrick's Day, and that is, my favorite day of the whole entire year!!!
Not only because it is my favorite holiday, but also because it is my wedding anniversary!

We were just kids back then ;)

But St. Patrick's Day is also fun to decorate for! I pride myself on my Irish heritage and even took part in a traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner (Marquette an Cameron did a GREAT job, maybe she will share all of the details with us later this week!).

For my front door I love to do wreaths, but this year I saw this pin and fell in love:

The Original

I love this!! And, bonus, I already had everything I needed to make this on hand.

The original pin is from an Etsy shop, so I had to wing it (which can be dangerous I know!). This means NO TUTORIAL to work from!

Pin Win Tutorial

First, gather materials:
-Faux Moss
-Hot Glue Gun
-Exacto Knife

Next, draw your four leaf clover. I winged mine but I am sure that you can find a template online and trace yours if winging it makes you uncomfortable.
(This was try #3, lol)

Carefully cut it out with an Exacto knife, making sure you have something underneath so you don't cut your table or carpet.

Next add your moss! I got mine at Walmart in the floral section quite a while ago. One package was MORE than enough for this project.
 Measure your moss, cut it out, glue it down, and trim the excess, one quarter at a time, and then the stem.

Next, the burlap! I made my burlap bow, again just winging it.
I also made a "handle" for the clover to hang on my door hook. I glued the "handle" to the back of the clover, then glued the bow to the top center of the "handle".

Lastly place it on your door!

Sad dead winter plants :(

It's been SUPER windy here so it flew off once, but it didn't go far fortunately. I know it's past St. Patrick's Day now, but this little d├ęcor will stay up well into April because I love it so much :)

Hope you all are having a GREAT H.U.M.P. Day!!

P.S. I used ONLY things that I had on hand for this project, for part of our Use It Up Challenge. Haven't heard of it?? Go check it out! It's not too late to take part and send us your entries!


  1. What a delightful project! Yay for pin wins!

  2. I LOVE that! I made the mossy wreath with pumpkins and burlap ribbon hanger for fall (a few years back), so this is right up my alley!


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