Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break Pins

Hello all!
 I am writing from sunny San Diego!
This week is Spring Break for us and we are enjoying our vacation.
I used a few pins to help us this trip and I thought I would pass them along as I am sure everyone else is coming up on their Spring Break vacations as well. I know there aren't too many pins but I thought they were clever and worth keeping!
Happy Spring Break everyone!
We used this one and it was AMAZING! We put our towels in the middle and hung our sandy feet over the edge it was so nice :)
This pin helps you plan your road trip. It shows you all the attractions, accommodations, history sites, scenic drives, shopping...you name it, they have it! This is a great way to discover new spots :)
This pin helps you plan how much gas you need for your trip, where the least expensive place to gas up is, and does all this according to what type of car you have and what year it is etc. A pretty cool tool to have!
Staying in? Here are some fun activities to do with your kids (this says tweens, but I think this pin could work for anyone!).
Don't forget that we have our " Use It Up" challenge coming up, another great idea for Spring Break activities! Check out all the details here!
Happy Tuesday All!


  1. The first pin looked really interesting, but when I clicked on it, all it brought up was the image. Do you happen to have the original pin link?

  2. Personally I use an old king size sheet in a bright color. Mine has multi color polka dots! LOL. It doesn't hold onto the sand, dries quickly and let's you use your towel for when those lake breezes blow.

  3. It looks like a inside-out fitted sheet with the cooler and bags propping up the edges of the sheet.


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