Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Fairies in a Jar, Take 4

This is the third time we get to post about this project (one post was a double feature!) here on the blog. It seems like such an easy project, but it turns out it's not. I'll give you the oldest project up to the most current submission.

The Original Pin 

When I tried it, this is what I got

The Pinstrosity

It looks more like Ogre Sneeze Juice than it does Fairies in a Jar. 

Later, we got another submission.  This one was slightly more fairyish...but still not what the original picture shows. 

Here is Tonya's run:
"I am so disappointed in this pin that I HAD to share what an epic fail this is.  I am pretty sure the original pin is photoshopped which was hinted by others in the comments.  You are suppose to use diamond glitter and then cut a glow stick into a mason jar - instant fairies.  WRONG.  What you get is creepy, clumped to the sides glitter.  What a waste!"

It doesn't look like the original, but it does look pretty awesome. It reminds me of the Glow Worm's down in New Zealand:
So, they're not fairies in a jar, but glow worms! That's be cooler to tell boys anyway, I don't know many who are interested in that works. 

Here is JoJo's run:
"I've been wanting to try the Fairies in a Jar project for awhile.  The following 2 pictures are what are featured online.  So sparkly right?  The instructions are so easy!  Just get a glowstick, crack to activate, then cut the end off and splatter inside a jar and add 'diamond' glitter.  The only info I could glean on diamond glitter is that it's the white & iridescent kind, of which I have plenty.  I also had some glowsticks left over from the 'toilet paper roll eyes' project last Halloween."

"I cracked the blue light stick and shook it out and around this jar, then sprinkled in the glitter.  While it did stick to the jar and was sparkly, it was only so due to the external light source in the kitchen."

"In the kitchen with only one light on over the stove and no flash.  Blue is real pretty, glitter picking up the stove light."

"Looking at the bottom, taken outside at dusk."

"Dusk shot too."

 "After dark, no flash.  Real pretty blue, but the glitter isn't twinkling."

"With flashlight pointing straight down into jar."

"Just flash."

"With a candle inside which had a cool effect but you couldn't see the blue anymore."

"Looking inside with candle light.  That's as close to twinkling fairies as it gets."

"I'd say it only twinkles with a light source that's outside the jar.  It was pretty seeing the blue jar, but the glitter definitely doesn't sparkle like the internet photos show.  The twinkles are obviously photoshopped in the first picture and upon review of the second picture, it looks like the glow in the dark paint was dabbed on in dots; it's possible there is glow in the dark paint that has glitter in it."  

"The ironic thing was that as I was outside taking the pics, there were lots of real fireflies in my yard.  I'd say just use the jars to catch and release actual fireflies, rather than make a mess with this project!!!"

And now...the 4th installment of Fairies in a Jar:

Adrienne says: "I decided to turn a crappy weather day into a craft day for my 4 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter. I saved 'fairies in a jar' for this day because I thought that it would a great idea to have a beautiful glowing jar of fairies on a dark, rainy day. Bought the glow sticks and glitter, psyched my kids up and went for it. First problem, the glow sticks were so tough to cut through that my kids lost interest by the time my mother and I literally sawed through them. We got the kids' attention long enough to have them pour way too much glitter into the jar and turn off the lights. This is what we got." 
"Glitter vomit in a jar. The glow went away almost immediately (maybe due to exposure to air), the glitter didn't sparkle because it was covered in glow liquid, it clumped together and started falling off the sides in sad, little balls. Worst craft ever. Maybe we can turn a fail into a laugh on your site!"

So...still no Fairies in a Jar, but between the four of us now we have ogre snot, glow worms, fun tea lights, and glitter vomit. That's not too bad, lol. 


  1. One of my friends posted the 'new and improved' version of this project and it actually calls for glow in the dark paint to be dotted onto the jar, which is then charged in the sunlight so that it glows at night. I think that's really the only way this is going to work.

  2. Now I'm wondering what would happen if you didn't break the glowstick. Maybe *glue* glitter to the inside of the jar, and then put a small glowstick inside for light?


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